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This is the help page for the Tab Control add-in.  Below are two videos that explain how Tab Control works.

I am working on additional videos that will help explain how to use Tab Control.  I will let you know when the videos are available.

Please leave a comment below with any questions.

*Skip to 7:39 in the video below to learn about Tab Control.



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  • Jon –

    Tab Control Problem:
    I used it to create a Tab Control page.
    Then I added two tabs, one by copying and renaming using Tab Hound, the other by inserting a Pivot Table.

    The Tab Control page stayed the same and does not show the 2 new sheets, even after I clicked the “Run Updates” icon.


      • Hi Dave,
        Sorry, I didn’t see Dan’s question. If new sheets are added then you need to press the Tab Control button and re-create the Tab Control sheet. The Run Updates button will only run the updates you have made on the existing Tab Control sheet. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!

  • Tab control was very helpful setting up my monthly reports from my templates. Is there a way in Excel to clear just input cells in a worksheet?
    Thank you for all your hard work.

  • On the video called tab control and tab hound you make mention to the previous video. I cannot find that one. Where is it located.

  • Hi Jon
    Your Tab Hound/Control is just marvelous!The price too is well above value for money.Look fwd for more interesting add ins from you.

    Cheers for the good work

  • Sorry to ask such a basic tech question, but any ideas why Tab Control might not be opening for me? Tab Hound does work, and I see the Tab Control ribbon so it’s installed. I’ve tried everything — uninstalling/reinstalling, checking the add-ins menu, etc. I’m fairly technical. I’m on Office 365 so the latest, with Windows 10, 64-bit. Again, sorry for the annoying question!

  • If I set up tab controls like q1/q2 etc and then share it with someone who does not have Tab Control, what will they see and how would the page operate?

  • I am creating a new workbook from a copy of the old one. The new version (work in progress) has new data. Currently, I move a copy of the need sheet(s) to the old program for testing, if I screw up a sheet in the old and have a copy in the new, I do the reverse. Can Tab Hound have an option added to go to another workbook?

  • Can “tab control” help in entering data in specific cell of one of the sheet and that giving resulting in entering same data in that cell reference of all other sheets at a time?

  • Hi
    I enjoy using tab control some months back ager installation done months ago. Do I not get tab hound too on the special offer?

  • Hi.
    Do I qualify for a special offer/discount for tab hound after purchasing tab control earlier this year?

    I see that had I bought tab hound I would have got tab control too…2 for the price of 1. Way forward?