Hero Tools Installation Guide

This page contains step-by-step instructions for installing The Hero Tools Add-in for Excel. Please leave a comment in our forum if you have any trouble installing add-in.

What's an Excel Add-in File?

An add-in file is an Excel file that contains macros (code) and has the extension “.xla” or “.xlam” (2007 and later). When opened, the worksheets in the file are hidden and the macros are typically accessed through buttons that are added to the toolbar or ribbon. Once installed, an add-in will automatically open every time Excel is opened.

Our add-in files do NOT require an exe installer or separate application to be installed. Therefore, they are typically easier to install if you are using your work computer that restricts you from installing applications.


Here are the steps to install The Hero Tools Add-in:

Note: The installation process has been simplified with Hero Tools, and is a bit different than the normal steps to install an add-in.

1. Download & Save the Add-in File to your Hard Drive

After downloading the xlam add-in file, you will want to save it to a folder on your hard drive that is easy for you to access and remember.

We recommend creating a folder named Hero Tools in your Documents folder.

Then save the EC_Hero_Tools.xlam file to that folder.

2. Unblock the Add-in File

This next step is critical. Due to a new security measure in Windows, you will need to Unblock the xlam file since it was downloaded from the Internet.

  1. Right-click the EC_Hero_Tools.xlam file in File Explorer and select Properties.
  2. Click the Unblock checkbox that is located at the bottom of the General tab.
  3. Click Apply. The Security section should now be blank.
  4. Click OK to close the window.

3. Run the Automatic Installation

You are now ready to run the installer.

First, Double-click the EC_Hero_Tools.xlam file to open it.

Double Click the EC_Hero_Tools xlam file to run installation process

Next, you will be asked if you want to install the add-in. Click Yes.

Install the Hero Tools Add-in for Excel Message Box

The add-in should take a few seconds to install and display a confirmation message when complete. Once installed, you will see the Hero Tools tab in the Excel ribbon.

Hero Tools Tab in Excel Added After Installation

The Hero Tools tab will appear every time you open Excel.

Technical notes: The automatic installer will register the add-in with the Add-ins Manager in Excel. You will see the Ec_Hero_Tools item in the Add-ins window list. You can temporarily disable the add-in from that window if need. Here are the instructions on uninstalling the add-in if you need to remove it.