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Recent Excel Tutorials (Blog Posts)

Formula Challenge: Find the First Transaction for Each Month
Bottom line: In this Excel formula challenge you will learn how to write a formula to find the first date[...]
Why Table Number Formatting Doesn’t Copy Down and How to Fix It
Bottom line: Learn why the number formatting for new rows of a table doesn't always get copied down and how[...]
How to Turn Off GETPIVOTDATA Formulas for Pivot Tables
Bottom line: Learn how to turn the GETPIVOTDATA formulas on/off when you create a formula that references a cell inside[...]
How to Change Date Formatting for Grouped Pivot Table Fields
Bottom line: Learn how to change the date formatting for a grouped field in a pivot table. Skill level: Intermediate[...]
Expand and Collapse Entire Pivot Table Fields – VBA Macro
Bottom line: Learn how to add buttons to your pivot tables and pivot charts to quickly expand/collapse entire fields using[...]
VBA Assumes the Active Workbook and Active Worksheet in Excel
Bottom line: Learn 2 critical assumptions that VBA makes when running our macros in Excel, and avoid errors & disaster.[...]

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