Excel Keyboard Shortcuts List

This page contains a list of over 270 Excel shortcuts for both the keyboard & mouse, including shortcuts for the Windows, Mac, and Web versions of Excel.  You can download a printable PDF version of the list below.

How to Press the Shortcut Keys

Excel Keyboard Shortcuts List Guide

Click here to learn more about pressing the shortcuts and using a Laptop keyboard

There are two ways to press the shortcut keys depending on the separator character used in the sequence.

+ Plus

The + (plus) between keys means press & hold the keys together in order.  For example, to press the shortcut Ctrl+Shift+L to Toggle Filters, you will:

Press & hold Ctrl, then press & hold Shift, then press L.  Then release all keys.

, Comma

The , (comma) between keys means press & release each key in order.  For example, to press the shortcut Alt,E,S to open Paste Special, you will:

Press & release Alt, then press & release E, then press & release S.

Laptop Keyboards

If you are using a laptop keyboard then you might be limited on the some of the shortcuts you can press.  Laptop keyboards tend to have smaller keyboards and don't always contain keys like Page Up, Page Down, Menu, etc.

You might also need to press the Fn (function) key in combination with the function keys F1 to F12.  Some laptops have Fn Lock Mode so that you don't have to press Fn with the the function keys.

Checkout our post on the Best Keyboards for Excel Keyboard Shortcuts to learn more.

How to Use & Search This Page

The shortcuts are divided into different sections based categories of where the shortcut is used (cells, worksheets, workbooks, etc.).  Some sections have additional sub sections based on different actions/tasks (navigating, writing formulas, formatting, etc.).

The Table of Contents in the right sidebar can be used to navigate to each section of the page.  You can also press Ctrl+F to open your browser's Find box in the top-right corner of the browser window.  Then type a search to find a specific shortcut you are looking for.  You can leave a comment at the bottom of the page with any questions or suggestions.

The shortcuts are divided into different sections based categories of where the shortcut is used (cells, worksheets, workbooks, etc.).  Some sections have additional sub sections based on different actions/tasks (navigating, writing formulas, formatting, etc.).

The Table of Contents below can be used to navigate to each section of the page.  You can also use your browser's Find box (found in the settings of Chrome and Safari) to find a specific shortcut you are looking for.  Please leave a comment at the bottom of the page with any questions or suggestions.

Download the PDF Version

Click the link below to get a free printable PDF version of this page with over 270 Excel Shortcuts.

Cells, Ranges, Rows, & Columns

We spend most of our time working in the Excel grid.  Therefore, this section contains the most shortcuts for tasks like navigating & selecting ranges, editing formulas, formatting cells, modifying rows & columns, and more.

The section is broken down into sub sections by task/action to make it easier to navigate and learn the various shortcuts.

Navigating The Grid

These shortcuts will help you navigate around the cells on a worksheet faster.  If you ever find yourself spending extra time scrolling a long worksheet with the mouse, then these shortcuts will save a ton of time.

Select the first visible cell in the sheet (or bottom-right of freeze panes)Ctrl+HomeFn+Ctrl+←Ctrl+Home
Select the last used cell in the sheetCtrl+EndFn+Ctrl+→Ctrl+End
Select first cell in the row of the active cellHomeFn+←Home
Turn on End Mode (similar to Ctrl+Arrow Keys)EndFn+→End
Select the first/last cell of a region (non-blank cells) moving upCtrl+↑Ctrl+↑Ctrl+↑
Select the first/last cell of a region (non-blank cells) moving rightCtrl+→Ctrl+→Ctrl+→
Select the first/last cell of a region (non-blank cells) moving downCtrl+↓Ctrl+↓Ctrl+↓
Select the first/last cell of a region (non-blank cells) moving leftCtrl+←Ctrl+←Ctrl+←
Select cell one screen down from the active cellPgDnFn+↓PgDn
Select cell one screen up from the active cellPgUpFn+↑PgUp
Select cell one screen to the right of the active cellAlt+PgDnFn+Alt+↓
Select cell one screen to the left of the active cellAlt+PgUpFn+Alt+↑
Move one cell up
Move one cell right
Move one cell down
Move one cell left
Go back to hyperlinkCtrl+G,EnterCtrl+G,Return
Open the Find windowCtrl+FCmd+FCtrl+F
Open the Find & Replace windowCtrl+HCtrl+HCtrl+H
Find next matchShift+F4Cmd+GShift+F4
Find previous matchCtrl+Shift+F4Cmd+Shift+GCtrl+Shift+F4

Writing Formulas

Begin entering a formula= OR += OR += OR +
Insert function into formula with autocompleteTab↓TabTab
Edit the active cellF2Ctrl+UF2
Toggle Enter and Edit modes while editing formulaF2Ctrl+UF2
Exit cell edit modeEscEscEsc
Toggle absolute and relative referencesF4Cmd+TF4
Open Function Arguments window (when text cursor is inside function)Ctrl+ACtrl+A
Open the Insert Function windowShift+F3Fn+Shift+F3Shift+F3
Show Formulas instead of Values in cells (toggle)Ctrl+` or Ctrl+~Ctrl+`
Expand or collapse the formula barCtrl+Shift+UCtrl+Shift+U
Calculate worksheetsF9Fn+F9F9
Calculate active worksheetShift+F9Fn+Shift+F9
Calculate entire workbookCtrl+Alt+F9Ctrl+Shift+Alt+F9
Insert name into formulaF3
Open Name Manager windowCtrl+F3Fn+Ctrl+F3
Open Create Names From Selection windowCtrl+Shift+F3Fn+Ctrl+Shift+F3
Set focus on Name BoxAlt+F3
Enter array formulaCtrl+Shift+EnterCtrl+Shift+Return
Evaluate selected text in a formulaF9Fn+F9F9
Insert function argumentsCtrl+Shift+ACtrl+Shift+ACtrl+Shift+A

Entering Data

Open AutoComplete dropdown listAlt+↓Alt+↓Alt+↓
Enter and move to next cell (based on direction set in Excel Options)EnterReturnEnter
Enter and move to previous cell (based on direction set in Excel Options)Shift+EnterShift+ReturnShift+Enter
Enter and move rightTabTabTab
Enter and move leftShift+TabShift+TabShift+Tab
Insert current dateCtrl+;Ctrl+;Ctrl+;
Insert current timeCtrl+Shift+:Cmd+;
Copy formula from cell aboveCtrl+'Ctrl+'Ctrl+'
Fill down from cell aboveCtrl+DCtrl+D
Fill rightCtrl+RCtrl+R
Flash fillCtrl+ECtrl+E
Stay in same cell when editing cell when single cell is selectedCtrl+EnterCtrl+ReturnCtrl+Enter
Copy data or formula to all selected cells when editing cellCtrl+EnterCtrl+ReturnCtrl+Enter
Copy value (result of formula) from cell aboveCtrl+Shift+"Ctrl+Shift+"

Editing Text

These shortcuts can be used in all areas of Excel where you are editing text.  They can also be used in other applications and when writing code or formulas.

Enter a line break (new line) in a cellAlt+EnterCtrl+Alt+ReturnAlt+Enter
Delete character to the left of cursorBackspaceDeleteBackspace
Delete character to the right of cursorDeleteFn+DeleteDelete
Delete to end of lineCtrl+DeleteCtrl+DeleteCtrl+Delete
Move text cursor one word to the rightCtrl+→Ctrl+→Ctrl+→
Move text cursor one word to the leftCtrl+←Ctrl+←Ctrl+←
Select one word rightCtrl+Shift+→Ctrl+Shift+→Ctrl+Shift+→
Select one word leftCtrl+Shift+←Ctrl+Shift+←Ctrl+Shift+←
Select one character rightShift+→Shift+→Shift+→
Select one character leftShift+←Shift+←Shift+←
Select to beginning of cellShift+HomeFn+Shift+←Shift+Home
Select to end of the text/formulaShift+EndFn+Shift+→Shift+End

Number Formatting

These shortcuts allow you to quickly apply number formats to a cell or range.  You use the number keys above the letters on the keyboard to press the shortcuts.  

Apply General format to selected cellsCtrl+Shift+~Ctrl+Shift+~
Apply Number format to selected cellsCtrl+Shift+!Ctrl+Shift+!
Apply Date format to selected cellsCtrl+Shift+#Ctrl+Shift+#
Apply Currency format to selected cellsCtrl+Shift+$Ctrl+Shift+$
Apply Percent format/style to selected cellsCtrl+Shift+%Ctrl+Shift+%
Apply Time format to selected cellsCtrl+Shift+@Ctrl+Shift+@
Apply Scientific format to selected cellsCtrl+Shift+^Ctrl+Shift+^
Modify Cell Style of the active cellAlt+'Cmd+Shift+L

Cell & Font Formatting

These are shortcuts for many of the buttons in the Font and Alignment groups on the Home tab of the Ribbon.

Remove indentAlt,H,5Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Tab
Left AlignAlt,H,A,LCmd+L
Center AlignAlt,H,A,CCmd+E
Right AlignAlt,H,A,RCmd+R
Top AlignAlt,H,A,T
Middle AlignAlt,H,A,M
Bottom AlignAlt,H,A,B
Increase Font SizeAlt,H,F,GCmd+Shift+>Ctrl+Shift+>
Decrease Font SizeAlt,H,F,KCmd+Shift+<Ctrl+Shift+<
Wrap TextAlt,H,W
Format Window for cells and objectsCtrl+1Cmd+1Ctrl+1
Apply or remove bold formattingCtrl+BCmd+BCtrl+B
Apply or remove italic formattingCtrl+ICmd+ICtrl+I
Apply or remove underscoringCtrl+UCmd+UCtrl+U
Apply or remove strikethrough formattingCtrl+5Cmd+Shift+X
Display Format Cells with Font tab selectedCtrl+Shift+FCtrl+Shift+F
Insert or edit Cell NoteShift+F2Fn+Shift+F2
Insert or reply to Cell CommentCtrl+Shift+F2Fn+Ctrl+Shift+F2Shift+F2
Delete commentShift+F10,M
Add hyperlinkCtrl+KCmd+KCtrl+K

Rows & Columns

Select all cells in worksheet (unless active cell is in a Table)Ctrl+ACmd+A
Select entire rowShift+SpaceShift+SpaceShift+Space
Select entire columnCtrl+SpaceCtrl+SpaceCtrl+Space
Add non-adjacent cells to selectionCtrl+ClickCmd+Click
Add adjacent cells to selectionShift+ClickShift+Click
Toggle Add or Remove Selection ModeShift+F8Fn+Shift+F8Shift+F8
Same selection in next columnOpt+Tab
Same selection in previous columnOpt+Shift+Tab
Move right between non-adjacent selectionsCtrl+Alt+→
Move left between non-adjacent selectionsCtrl+Alt+←
Open Insert windowCtrl++Ctrl++
Insert rows (with rows selected)Ctrl++Ctrl++
Insert columns (with columns selected)Ctrl++Ctrl++
Open Delete windowCtrl+-Cmd+-Ctrl+-
Delete rows (with rows selected)Ctrl+-Cmd+-Ctrl+-
Delete columns (with columns selected)Ctrl+-Cmd+-Ctrl+-
Delete cells (with cells selected)Ctrl+-Cmd+-Ctrl+-
AutoFit Column WidthAlt,H,O,IAlt,H,O,I
AutoFit Row HeightAlt,H,O,AAlt,H,O,A

Group & Hide

These shortcuts cover the basics of hiding and unhiding rows & columns.  The Group and Outline features in Excel make hiding and unhiding rows & columns fast and easy.

Group rows or columns (with rows/columns selected)Shift+Alt+→Cmd+Shift+K
Ungroup rows or columns (with rows/columns selected)Shift+Alt+←Cmd+Shift+J
Open Group window (with cell or range selected)Shift+Alt+→Cmd+Shift+K
Open Ungroup window (with cell or range selected)Shift+Alt+←Cmd+Shift+J
Hide or show outline symbolsCtrl+8Ctrl+8
Hide rowsCtrl+9Ctrl+9Ctrl+9
Hide columnsCtrl+0Ctrl+0Ctrl+0
Unhide rowsCtrl+Shift+9Ctrl+Shift+9Ctrl+Shift+9
Unhide columnsCtrl+Shift+0Ctrl+Shift+0Ctrl+Shift+0
Unhide columns (Alternate: Ctrl+Shift+0 does not work on some versions of Windows)Alt,H,O,U,L

Active Cell

These shortcuts allow you to change the active cell within a selected range.  When you have multiple cells selected you can perform tasks like copying down/right (Ctrl+D or Ctrl+R) from the active cell.  

Activate next cell in selected range (based on direction set in Excel Options)EnterReturnEnter
Activate next cell to right/below in selected rangeTabTabTab
Activate each corner cell in selected range in clockwise directionCtrl+.Ctrl+.Ctrl+.
Activate previous cell in selection (based on direction set in Excel Options)Shift+EnterShift+ReturnShift+Enter
Activate previous cell to left/above in selected rangeShift+TabShift+TabShift+Tab
Scroll active cell into viewCtrl+BackspaceCmd+DeleteCtrl+Backspace
Select single (active) cell when range is selectedShift+BackspaceShift+DeleteShift+Backspace

Extend Selection

These shortcuts allow you to include more or less cells in the selected range.

Extend selection by one cell upShift+↑Shift+↑
Extend selection by one cell rightShift+→Shift+→Shift+→
Extend selection by one cell downShift+↓Shift+↓
Extend selection by one cell leftShift+←Shift+←Shift+←
Extend the selection to the last cell upCtrl+Shift+↑Ctrl+Shift+↑
Extend the selection to the last cell rightCtrl+Shift+→Ctrl+Shift+→
Extend the selection to the last cell downCtrl+Shift+↓Ctrl+Shift+↓
Extend the selection to the last cell leftCtrl+Shift+←Ctrl+Shift+←
Extend selection to first cell in worksheetCtrl+Shift+HomeFn+Ctrl+Shift+←Ctrl+Shift+Home
Extend selection to last cell in worksheetCtrl+Shift+EndFn+Ctrl+Shift+→Ctrl+Shift+End
Extend selection right one screenShift+Alt+PgDnFn+Shift+Alt+↓
Extend selection left one screenShift+Alt+PgUpFn+Shift+Alt+↑
Extend selection to start of rowShift+HomeFn+Shift+←Shift+Home
Extend selection down one screenShift+PgDnFn+Shift+↓
Extend selection up one screenShift+PgUpFn+Shift+↑
Toggle extend selection modeF8Fn+F8
Select Spill RangeCtrl+A

Select Special Cells

Specials Cells are cells with common characteristics like blanks, formulas, numbers, visible cells, etc.  Selecting common types of cells can make it easier to then apply formatting or modify them. 

Open the Go To windowF5 OR Ctrl+GCtrl+GCtrl+G
Open the Go To Special windowAlt,H,F,D,S OR F5,Alt,S
Select visible cells only (when range is selected)Alt+;Cmd+Shift+Z
Select current regionCtrl+ACmd+A
Select current region around active cellCtrl+Shift+8Shift+Ctrl+Space
Select current arrayCtrl+/Ctrl+/
Select row differencesCtrl+Ctrl+
Select column differencesCtrl+Shift+Ctrl+Shift+
Select direct dependentsCtrl+]Ctrl+]
Select direct precedentsCtrl+[Ctrl+[
Select all precedentsCtrl+Shift+{Ctrl+Shift+{
Select all dependentsCtrl+Shift+}Ctrl+Shift+}
Select cells with commentsCtrl+Shift+OFn+Ctrl+Shift+O

Copy & Move with the Mouse

These shortcuts use the mouse to move & copy cells.  The word "Drag" means to left-click and hold the border of the cell or range, then drag it.

Copy selected range or shapeCtrl+DragAlt+Drag
Insert copy of selected range (moves existing cells)Ctrl+Shift+DragAlt+Shift+Drag
Drag and cutDragDrag
Cut and paste selected range (moves existing cells)Shift+DragShift+Drag
Move selected range to another worksheetAlt+DragCmd+Drag

Zoom & Scroll

Zoom inCtrl+Alt++Alt+Cmd++Ctrl+Alt++
Zoom outCtrl+Alt+-Alt+Cmd+-Ctrl+Alt+-
Zoom in (with mouse)Ctrl+Scroll UpCtrl+Scroll UpCtrl+Scroll Up
Zoom out (with mouse)Ctrl+Scroll DownCtrl+Scroll DownCtrl+Scroll Down
Zoom to SelectionAlt,W,G
Zoom to SelectionAlt,W,J
Toggle Scroll Lock on/offScrLkFn+Shift+F14
Toggle Gridlines on/offAlt,W,V,G
Toggle Freeze Panes on/offAlt,W,F,F

Cell Borders

Add Outside Borders to selected cell/rangeCtrl+Shift+&Cmd+Alt+0Ctrl+Shift+&
Remove all borders (apply No Borders) to selectionCtrl+Shift+_Cmd+Alt+_
Open Border dropdown menu on Home TabAlt,H,BAlt,H,B
Add all borders to cells in selected rangeAlt,H,B,A
Add or remove Bottom BorderAlt,H,B,OCmd+Alt+↓
Add or remove Top BorderAlt,H,B,PCmd+Alt+↑
Add or remove Left BorderAlt,H,B,LCmd+Alt+←
Add or remove Right BorderAlt,H,B,RCmd+Alt+→
Open Borders tab in Format Cells window (More Borders)Alt,H,B,M

Download the PDF File

Get a printable PDF version of this page with over 270 Excel Shortcuts.

Worksheet Tabs

These shortcuts help you navigate, copy, and perform actions on the sheet tabs in the workbook.  

Checkout our Tab Hound Add-in if you want a way to quickly search and jump to the sheets in large workbooks.  Tab Hound is packed with productivity features that will save you a ton of time with everyday tasks.

Insert new worksheetShift+F11Fn+Shift+F11Shift+F11
Delete selected worksheetsAlt,E,LAlt,H,D,S
Rename current worksheetAlt,O,H,R
Go to next worksheetCtrl+PgDnFn+Ctrl+↓Ctrl+Alt+PgDn
Go to previous worksheetCtrl+PgUpFn+Ctrl+↑Ctrl+Alt+PgUp
Select adjacent worksheetsCtrl+Shift+PgUp/PgDn
Select adjacent worksheets (mouse)Shift+ClickShift+Click
Select non-adjacent worksheets (mouse)Ctrl+ClickCmd+Click
Open Move or Copy window for selected sheetsAlt,E,M
Duplicate worksheet (mouse)Ctrl+dragAlt+drag
Protect or Unprotect SheetAlt,R,P,S
Clear print areaAlt,P,R,C
Set print areaAlt,P,R,S


These shortcuts help with creating, opening, saving, closing, protecting, and viewing files.  Shortcuts for workbook level tasks like Spell Check and Thesaurus are also included.

File Open, Close, Save

Create new workbookCtrl+NCmd+N
Open workbookCtrl+OCmd+OCtrl+O
Save workbookCtrl+SCmd+S
Save asF12Cmd+Shift+SAlt+F2
Close current workbookCtrl+F4 OR Ctrl+WCmd+WCtrl+W
Close ExcelAlt+F4Cmd+Q

Workbook Actions & Options

Undo last actionCtrl+ZCmd+ZCtrl+Z
Redo last actionCtrl+YCmd+YCtrl+Y
Repeat last actionF4Cmd+YF4
Open Excel Options windowAlt,F,TCmd+,
Open helpF1Cmd+/
Tell MeAlt+Q
Open the Control Menu (minimize, maximize, close window)Alt+Space
Open Spelling window (Spell Check)F7Fn+F7
Open Thesaurus dialog boxShift+F7Fn+Shift+F7
Open Right-click menuShift+F10 OR Menu KeyFn+Shift+F10
Move to next pane in application windowF6Fn+F6
Move to previous paneShift+F6Fn+Shift+F6
Protect and Unprotect WorkbookAlt,R,P,W

Workbook View Settings

Minimize current workbook windowCtrl+F9Cmd+M
Maximize or Restore current workbook window (toggle)Ctrl+F10Fn+Ctrl+F10
Toggle full screenCtrl+Shift+F1Ctrl+Cmd+F
Go to previous workbookCtrl+Shift+TabCmd+Shift+`
Go to next workbookCtrl+TabCmd+`
Open current workbook in Desktop Excel ApplicationAlt+O

Tables & Filters

Excel Tables are an awesome feature of Excel that can save us a lot of time.  Using shortcuts to filter, navigate, and select data can make our jobs even faster.

Insert TableCtrl+TCtrl+TCtrl+L OR Ctrl+Alt+T
Insert Table (select style first)Alt,H,T
Insert a row above the current rowAlt,H, I, RAlt,H, I, R
Insert a column to the left of the current columnAlt,H, I, CAlt,H, I, C
Select Table Body (Press again to include Headers)Ctrl+ACmd+A
Select Table rowShift+SpaceShift+SpaceShift+Space
Select Table columnCtrl+SpaceCtrl+SpaceCtrl+Space
Toggle Autofilter on/offCtrl+Shift+LCmd+Shift+FCtrl+Shift+L
Open Filter Dropdown Menu (with header cell selected)Alt+↓Alt+↓Alt+↓
Open Filter Dropdown Menu (from any cell in a Table)Shift+Alt+↓Shift+Alt+↓Shift+Alt+↓
Toggle Total Row on/offCtrl+Shift+TCmd+Shift+T
Clear slicer filter (with slicer selected)Alt+CAlt+C

Charts & Shapes

These shortcuts help with creating and formatting charts & shapes.

Create chart or PivotChart on same worksheetAlt+F1Fn+Alt+F1Alt+F1
Create chart in new ChartSheetF11Fn+F11
Open Format Chart Area Task PaneCtrl+1Cmd+1
Show or Hide All Field Buttons on PivotChartAlt,J,T,D,A
Snap to gridAltCmd+
Hide or show objects (shapes, charts, slicers)Ctrl+6Ctrl+6

Copy & Paste Objects

Copy & paste is one of the most common tasks we do in Excel.  These shortcuts apply to all objects (shapes, charts, slicers), not just cells & ranges.

Copy selected object (cells, range, shape)Ctrl+CCmd+CCtrl+C
Cut selected objectCtrl+XCmd+XCtrl+X
Paste content from clipboardCtrl+VCmd+VCtrl+V
Open the Paste Special windowCtrl+Alt+VCmd+Ctrl+V
Duplicate selected object (shapes, charts, slicers)Ctrl+DCmd+D
Copy selected objects (mouse)Ctrl+DragCmd+Drag
Copy selected objects and retain vertical or horizontal alignment (mouse)Ctrl+Shift+DragCmd+Shift+Drag
Copy selected objects (mouse right-click)Right-click+DragRight-click+Drag
Copy selected objects and retain vertical or horizontal alignment (right-click mouse)Right-click+Shift+DragRight-click+Shift+Drag

Pivot Tables

We mostly use the mouse to create and modify pivot tables due to their drag & drop functionality.  However, there are some great keyboard shortcuts that will save you time when working with pivot tables.

Insert Pivot TableAlt,N,V
Refresh Pivot Table or QueryAlt+F5Alt+F5
Refresh AllCtrl+Alt+F5Ctrl+Alt+F5
Open pivot table wizardAlt,D,PCmd+Alt+P
Select entire pivot tableCtrl+ACmd+A
Group pivot table itemsShift+Alt+→Cmd+Shift+K
Ungroup pivot table itemsShift+Alt+←Cmd+Shift+J
Unhide (clear filter on) pivot table itemAlt,H,S,C
Filter out (exclude/hide) pivot itemCtrl+-Ctrl-Ctrl+-
Open Filter Dropdown Menu in Pivot Table cellsAlt+↓Alt+↓Alt+↓
Toggle pivot table field checkboxSpaceSpace
Insert pivot chartAlt+F1Fn+Alt+F1Alt+F1
Create pivot chart on new Chart SheetF11Fn+F11


The Excel Ribbon is the command bar at the top of the application window that contains all the buttons we commonly press to perform actions. 

The Ribbon contains various tabs starting with the File and Home tabs.  These shortcuts allow you to access the Ribbon tabs and buttons.

Activate Ribbon shortcut keysAlt OR Shift+F6Alt OR Win+Alt
Move to next ribbon controlTabTabTab
Move through Ribbon tabs and groups→ ← ↑ ↓→ ← ↑ ↓
Open dropdown menu of selected buttonAlt+↓Alt+↓
Open help window for selected controlF1
Expand or collapse ribbonCtrl+F1Cmd+Alt+R

Macros & VBA

One of my favorite features of Excel is VBA.  VBA is the name of the programming language used to write macros, which help us automate common processes to save even more time.  These shortcuts help you access the VB Editor and run macros.

Open the VB Editor window (VBA)Alt+F11Fn+Alt+F11
Open the Macro window (run or edit macro)Alt+F8Fn+Alt+F8
Record MacroAlt,L,R
Open Excel Add-ins WindowAlt,L,R
Open COM Add-ins WindowAlt,L,J

We also have a VBA Shortcuts Guide that contains over 25 keyboard shortcuts for the VB Editor.  It includes shortcuts for Windows and Mac.

Navigating Windows & Dialog Boxes

The pop-up windows that we interact with in Excel and Office applications are commonly referred to as Dialog Boxes.  For example, pressing Ctrl+1 will open the Format Cells Window (Dialog Box).  

The shortcuts in this section cover how to navigate those windows with the keyboard.

Move to next tabCtrl+TabCtrl+Tab
Move to previous tabCtrl+Shift+TabCtrl+Shift+Tab
Move to next control or buttonTabTabTab
Move to previous control or buttonShift+TabShift+TabShift+Tab
Press selected control or buttonEnterReturnEnter
Check and uncheck checkboxesSpaceSpace
Close the window or dialog boxEscEscEsc

Power Query

Power Query is an amazing data automation tool that is now a part of Excel.  These shortcuts will help you open the Power Query Editor, navigate the menus and columns, and quickly apply transformations.

Checkout our post & video on a Beginner's Guide to Power Query if you're not using it yet.  And here is a video and post on the 15 Shortcuts for Power Query listed below.

Note: Power Query is only available on the Windows Desktop version of Excel at this time.

Open the Power Query EditorAlt+F12 or Alt,A,P,L,N
Press any button in the Power Query RibbonAlt, Letter Sequence
Quick Access Toolbar in Power QueryAlt+Number
Rename ColumnF2
Remove Column(s)Delete
Undo Last ActionTab (6 times), Delete
Select All ColumnsCtrl+A
Select First ColumnHome
Select Last ColumnEnd
Select Multiple Adjacent ColumnsShift+→ or ←
Select Multiple Non-Adjacent ColumnsCtrl+→ or ←, Space
Open Filter Drop-down MenuAlt+↓
Open Right-click MenusMenu Key
Open Table Options MenuSelect First Column,← ,Space
Select Task Panes & RibbonTab & Shift+Tab
Close Power Query WindowAlt+F4
Close & LoadAlt,F,Enter

Download the PDF File

Get a printable PDF version of this page with over 270 Excel Shortcuts.


Please leave a comment below with suggestions for any shortcuts we missed, or ways to improve this page.  We will continue to update the page based on your feedback.  Thanks!