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Jon Acampora | Microsoft MVP 

Welcome to Excel Campus!

Jon Acampora| Owner & FOunder| Former Financial ANalyst

I have been using Excel in corporate finance roles for over 15 years, all day, every day. I am truly passionate about learning Excel and sharing that knowledge with you. The primary goal of Excel Campus is to help you learn Excel so you can save time with your job and advance in your career.

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I share tips, tools, and techniques to help improve your Excel skills through articles, videos, and online courses. We have over 455,000 subscribers on YouTube, and over 44 million all time views. 

Excel Campus - Jon

From Excel Zero to Excel Hero ✅

“I'm not just that analyst sitting in the corner crunching numbers anymore. I am, I have always been…a problem solver. You and Excel have brought me out of the shadows and are helping me get recognized for the problem solver I have always been.” 

- Charlotte Goodenow

"What you’ve taught me has taken away 40 to 60 percent of the stress that I deal with in my job.”

- Sam SAMMILO // Manufacturing engineer

I am now the Excel expert in the office and have already increased my earnings well beyond the cost of my investment. Your trainings have helped me learn so much and cement the skills I’ve gained.”

- grant bagby

“The training gave me the confidence I needed to get in there and start working, and also the very specific skills that I needed to finish my project. I love that the training [lessons] are bite-sized so I can go in and learn what I need to know and stay on track with my deadlines.

- Kristen Corbler // IT Project Coordinator and Data Analyst

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