How to Update an Excel Add-in

There are a few steps to updating an Excel add-in when a new version is released.  The process is very easy and should only take a few minutes.

Here are the instructions for updating the add-in:

  1. Download the zip file that contains the new version of the add-in from the downloads page from your Excel Campus Library.
  2. Locate the folder that you originally saved the add-in file in, and open it in Windows Explorer.  The file name is “EC_Add-in_Name.xlam”, or the name of your add-in file.  The folder location can be found in the Add-ins menu in Excel. See video above for more details.
  3. Close the Excel application.
  4. Replace the original/existing add-in file with the new file.  You can drag and drop the new file into the folder, then choose “Replace” from the options in the pop-up window since both files have the same name.
  5. Open Excel.  The updated version will automatically load and you should be ready to use it.

Important note: The folder location of the add-in file must be added to the Trusted Locations list in Excel.  This is due to an Office Security update that was published by Microsoft in July 2016.  Please see this article for more details and instructions on how to add the folder to the Trusted Locations list on your computer.