Bottom line: Pivot Charts are now available on Excel 2016 for Mac (Office 365).

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Pivot Charts Are Here!

That's right Mac users, you have something to celebrate today! 🙂

Pivot Charts have finally made their way into the Mac version of Excel.  Woohoo!  This means you can now create interactive dashboards with pivot tables, charts, and slicers on the Mac.

Pivot Charts Visualize Pivot Table Data - Excel for Mac 2016

You will also be able to open and use workbooks with pivot charts that were created on a Windows version of Excel.  So if you work in an office where some users are on PCs and others are on Macs, you can now create reports and dashboards that will be compatible for all users.

Get the Office Insiders Fast Pre-Release Build

To get the updated version you will need to be on an Office 365 subscription and on the Office Insiders Fast Program.  That program is free to join and open to everyone.

It allows you to download and install pre-release builds of Excel.  The latest build is 16.6 at the time of this writing, and it includes PivotCharts and a new VB Editor for writing VBA macros.  Two awesome updates for Mac users.

How to Get Office Insiders Pre-release Builds of Excel for Mac Video Thumb

Checkout my video on how to join Office Insiders and get the pre-release version.  It's really easy to do!

What are Pivot Charts?

Pivot Charts are connected to pivot tables and provide a visualization of the data in the pivot table.  Since the two objects are connected, any changes made to the pivot table will be reflected in the pivot chart.

This includes filters.  When a filter is applied to the pivot table, the pivot chart will also be filtered.  We can use slicers to filter the pivot tables and pivot charts, and quickly create interactive dashboards that your co-workers and boss will love.

Checkout my free 3-part video series on Pivot Tables and Dashboards to learn more about pivot charts.  That videos series was previously limited to Windows users, but NOT anymore.  Excel for Mac users now get to enjoy all the time saving benefits of pivot charts.

Turn Data into a Dashboard with Pivot Tables

Help Microsoft with Feedback

As part of the Pre-release Program, Microsoft would love to get your feedback on how to make pivot charts better.

If you find any bugs or have any suggestions you can provide feedback by:

  1. Clicking the smiley face icon in the top-right corner of Excel.
  2. Click the “Tell Us What Can Be Better” option.
  3. Complete the form and hit Send.

The Excel development team will receive the feedback and use it to make Excel even better.

If you are excited about this update, please leave a comment below and let us know.  Thank you! 🙂


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  • Hi,

    I am having issues Create a Pivot Table From Multiple Tables on the same sheet, Please note I have Office 365 for Mac.

  • I’ve purchased Excel 15.39. Do I also need to pay a monthly fee to Office 365 in order to create PivotTables–or, equally important–to modify those created with Excel 2007?


  • Hi thanks for the videos. I downloaded v16.6.8 for MAC and it does allow creation of a chart (PivotChart. But doesn’t allow adding a Chart Title or deal with the Axis Titles. I see yours in the video do have Chart Titles. Where can I find those controls without the full chart tools menus?

  • Great video Jon. I just upgraded to Mac Excel 15.39 as part of Office 365. The pivot chart feature that you demonstrated doesn’t seem to work. When I filter the pivot table the changes are not reflected on the chart. Any ideas? Thanks … David

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