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Resize & Align Dashboard Elements with Snap to Shape

Bottom line: Learn how to resize & align the charts, slicers, images, and other shapes in your dashboards with the Snap to Shape feature in Excel.

Skill level: Beginner

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Progress Doughnut Chart with Conditional Formatting in Excel

Bottom line: Learn how to create a progress doughnut chart or circle chart in Excel.  This chart displays a progress bar with the percentage of completion on a single metric. We will apply conditional formatting so that the color of the circle changes as the progress changes.  This technique just uses a doughnut chart and formulas.  It is pretty easy to implement.

Skill level: Intermediate

Progress Doughnut Chart with Conditional Formatting 640x360

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The NBC Olympic Commercials Dashboard

Olympic Commercials Dashboard Cover wt 640x360

I love watching the Olympics.  It’s cool to see the best athletes in the world compete in fun, weird, and exciting sports.  And I’m always amazed at how close their results are.  Gold medals are often decided by a hundredth of a second.

As my wife and I started watching the Olympics on TV last week, we quickly noticed that there were a lot of commercial breaks during NBC’s nightly prime time coverage (NBC is the TV network that broadcasts the Olympics in the U.S.).  It seemed like there was a commercial break every 5 minutes.  We started wondering how many commercials we were watching.

So the Excel geek in me had to investigate…

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