2022 Recap: Our Top Excel Tutorials

Curious about which Excel skills are most in demand? Check out our roundup of top Excel tutorials in 2022.

Bottom line: Check out our top performing content of 2022, and what that means for you.

Below we recap our top performing YouTube videos and shorts in 2022. Our audience gravitated most towards content on Pivot Tables, VLOOKUP, and Index Match.

This could mean that employers are looking for these skills, and that mastering these three topics could help you secure your next promotion in the new year. If you want to learn more about these Excel “Power Tools”, then join us for new (free) webinar dates in 2023.

We also want to thank you for your support in 2022. Excel Campus would not be possible without your, and we appreciate you stopping by to read our posts!

Video Recap

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Introduction to Pivot Tables

One of our top performing videos of 2022 was our Introduction to Pivot Tables. This video tells the story of “Andy,” a character who is tasked with creating reports for his boss.

This is a time consuming job for Andy, and in our video, he learns how to use Pivot Tables to create interactive dashboards and reports (which ultimately saves him TONS of time).

Pivot Tables are an essential Excel tool that can help you communicate data analytics more clearly and engage your audience more effectively.

These are just a few of many reasons why Pivot Tables continue to be so popular, and if you're not familiar with Pivot Tables, we encourage you to follow along with Andy in our 3-part series.

VLOOKUP Tutorial for Excel

VLOOKUP is an essential, foundational Excel skill that every Excel user should have — one reason why this video proved so popular in 2022.

In this video, we use a Starbucks menu analogy to explain VLOOKUP. It helps simplify a complex process, and allows us to cover common errors in VLOOKUP and how to solve for them without overcomplicating it.

If you haven't mastered VLOOKUP yet, make sure to check out our video.

Index Match

Our third most viewed video was on Index Match, an alternative to VLOOKUP.

It's important to master this after you familiarize yourself with VLOOKUP, so you can differentiate between the two tools and when each one is best used in which case.

What about XLOOKUP?


And of course, let's not forget about the new kid on the block, XLOOKUP. Microsoft introduced this new lookup function in 2019 as a replacement for VLOOKUP and INDEX MATCH.


Here is a video that explains more about XLOOKUP and when NOT to use it.

Formatting Numbers into Thousands, Millions

Our most popular YouTube short in 2022 was on formatting numbers into thousands and millions. We started creating short form content late into 2022, so it was great to see so much support on this video.

If you're looking for any tips or tricks in the new year, make sure to leave your requests on the comments section of our videos.

Thanks again and cheers to an Excel(lent) 2023!

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