Excel Hash: Episode 1 – Dynamic Histogram

Excel Hash Episode 1 Contenders

Have you heard about Excel Hash yet?  This is a contest between a few Excel YouTube channels to create a solution based on four main ingredients (Excel features).

The concept is similar to popular cooking TV shows like Chopped, where the chefs must prepare a dish using a few main ingredients.

Excel Hash Episode 1 Contenders

The Ingredients

The ingredients for the first episode are:

  1. The MAX function
  2. The FREQUENCY function
  3. Form Controls
  4. 3D Models

All of the features must be used in the solution.  The contestants can also use other features of Excel to create their solution, but the main ingredients should be the stars of the solution.

My Solution: Dynamic Histogram

For this challenge I created a dynamic/interactive histogram.  This is also known as a frequency distribution chart.  Here is a video that explains the solution in detail.

Here is a link to the article where you can download the file

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The Contestants

The contenders for this challenge are (links to YouTube Channels):

Excel Hash Playlist

Here is a playlist with all of the submissions.

Watch on YouTube

Please Vote

This is a fun competition and we would love for you to participate and vote.

Excel Hash Please Vote 2

Please click here to submit your vote.  You can vote for multiple contestants.

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  • Ha! Love the idea. And the contenstant lineup has all the big-hitters in the Excel world. Doesn’t get better than that.

    I am imagining one of you was sitting down watching the Cooking show and going “Hmm…we can do that in Excel”. Sweet 🙂

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