The Excel Digest (Trending Excel Content): September 18th 2023

Happy Tuesday! 🌏 Today I'm sharing some of my favorite trending Excel content from last week, as well as some of my favorite Excel content you should know.

Microsoft Excel Tips & Updates:

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Creating Gauge Charts in Excel:

Trending excel content: new Microsoft Excel Theme for 2023

In this video, we dive into the first piece of trending Excel content this week: Microsoft's new theme colors!

Why should you know this? It's an upcoming change that may affect your experience with Excel, and in our video, we give you an overview of how to revert back to the previous theme colors if you prefer those.

Trending Excel Content on Social Media:

Do you find yourself constantly wrestling with default sheet names in Excel? Save valuable time and streamline your workflow with this expert shortcut – ALT + H + O + R!

In this quick Instagram Reel, we'll guide you through the step-by-step process of using ALT + H + O + R to effortlessly rename default sheets. Elevate your Excel skills and maintain a polished, professional look in your spreadsheets. Say goodbye to generic names and hello to organized excellence!

Join us and unlock the potential of Excel's shortcuts to supercharge your productivity.

Microsoft Excel Content You Should Learn This Week:

Before you leave, check out our top three trending blog posts this week. Popular tutorials give us an insight into which Excel skills are currently in demand, meaning you can brush up on the Excel tools you need to stay relevant:

3 Ways to Combine Text in Excel – Formulas, Functions & Power Query

Learn how to use formulas, functions, and Power Query to combine multiple cells or columns into a single column and include separator characters.

How to Clear Filters with VBA Macros

Learn how to clear all filters, and filters on a single column with VBA macros.  Includes code examples for regular ranges and Excel Tables.

7 Keyboard Shortcuts for the Filter Drop Down Menus

This post explains 7 keyboard shortcuts for the filter drop-down menus.

The Filter drop-down menus (formerly known as Auto Filters in Excel 2003) are an extremely useful tool for sorting and filtering your data.  When the Filters are applied you will see small drop-down icon images in the header (top) row of your data range.

Finally, we want to hear from you! Share your Excel goals for the week in the comments section below, and how you hope to achieve them.

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