The Excel Digest (Excel You Should Know): September 12th 2023

Happy Tuesday! 🌏

Today I'm sharing some of my favorite Excel-related content you should know from the last week, as well as trending Excel content you should know.

Microsoft Excel Tips & Updates:

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Creating Gauge Charts in Excel:

First up, we introduce the world of Microsoft Excel speedometer charts! 📊 In this YouTube video, we explain what they are, when to use them, and how to create them step by step. Plus, we provide a free downloadable file for you to follow along. Learn this cool Excel skill and make your data pop!

On Social Media:

Next up, ready to boost your Excel game? In this quick Instagram Reel, we're diving into a common task: copying worksheets in Excel.

But here's the secret sauce – we'll show you why using Ctrl+Drag is the savvy way to do it! Say goodbye to time-consuming manual copying and hello to efficiency!

Don't miss out – watch now and supercharge your spreadsheet skills with these Excel worksheet copying and Ctrl+Drag productivity hacks!

Microsoft Excel Content You Should Learn This Week:

Before you leave, check out our top three trending blog posts this week. Popular tutorials give us an insight into which Excel skills are currently in demand, meaning you can brush up on the Excel tools you need to stay relevant:

3 Ways to Fill Down Blank Cells in Excel

First, look to streamline your data management in Microsoft Excel? Check out our article on “Filling Down Blank Cells” for a handy tutorial on automating this task. Whether you're dealing with large reports or just want to save time, we've got you covered with three effective techniques.

1. Filling Down Using a Formula: Learn how to select and fill blank cells effortlessly by crafting a simple formula. It's a straightforward method that doesn't require any advanced Excel skills. Just type an equals sign (=) and reference the cell above, then use Ctrl+Enter to fill all selected cells with the same formula.

2. Filling Down Using Power Query: If your data is in Excel Table format, Power Query is your go-to solution. Discover how to use Power Query to label blank cells as null and then quickly fill them down with the values from the cells above. This method is especially handy for large datasets.

3. Filling Down Using a Macro: For those comfortable with Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), we've got you covered too. Our article explains how to create a VBA macro that automates the process of filling down blank cells. You can even add a customized button to your Ribbon for easy access.

Each method has its pros and cons, so we'll help you decide which one suits your needs best.

12 Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows File Explorer

Next, boost your efficiency with these 12 essential Microsoft Excel keyboard shortcuts. Whether you're on Windows 10 or Windows 11, these tricks will make your life easier.

From opening File Explorer with ⊞ + E to quickly creating folders with Ctrl + Shift + N, we've got you covered. Want to rename multiple files? Just use F2 and Tab. For speedy navigation, try Alt + ↑ to reach the parent folder.

Find more gems like these in our full article. Supercharge your Excel game now!

How to Change Date Formatting for Grouped Pivot Table Fields

Finally, Pivot Table Date Formatting Unveiled: Our guide looks at ways to alter date formatting for grouped fields. Gain intermediate skills to conquer formatting challenges.

Struggling with changing number formatting in Microsoft Excel's pivot tables for Date fields? This article explains why it can be tricky and offers two solutions:

1. Avoid Date Groups: Create your own fields in the source data for Year, Quarter, Month, Days, etc. This gives you control over number formatting.

2. Use a VBA Macro: If you prefer using the Group Field feature, a VBA macro can help change pivot item names to mimic date formatting changes.

For detailed instructions and the VBA code, read the full article here. It's your guide to conquering Excel pivot table formatting challenges!

Finally, we want to hear from you! Share your Excel goals for the week in the comments section below, and how you hope to achieve them.

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