Getting Started with Tab Hound [2 of 3]

This is the 2nd page in the Getting Started with the Tab Hound Add-in series.  This page contains a few videos that will help you get the most out of the add-in.

Video #1 – Hide and Unhide Sheets Buttons

In Excel you cannot unhide multiple sheets at the same time.  However, Tab Hound allows you to do this with no problem.  Simply select the sheet(s) in the sheet list, then press the Hide or Unhide buttons.

You can see whether a sheet is currently visible or hidden in the second column of the sheet list.

Video #2 – Rename Sheets Button

Select one or more sheets in the sheet list, then click the Rename Sheets button to rename the selected sheets.  You can use the keyboard shortcut Alt+A to quickly rename the active sheet.

Video #3 – Copy & Rename Sheets Button

Make a duplicate copy of one or more sheets, and rename it all in one step.  This saves a lot of time over doing it manually with the mouse.  The keyboard shortcut is Alt+C.

Video #4 – Copy Sheets to New Book Button

Another time saving process that allows you to copy the selected sheets to a new workbook with the click of a button.  The keyboard shortcut is Alt+N.

Video #5 – Stats Bar

The Stats Bar gives you stats about your workbook.  You get the count of how many total sheets are in the workbook, plus the count of visible, hidden and selected sheets.  You will also see how many sheets are in the sheet list based on any filters that have been applied.

What's Next?

You can view the other Getting Started pages in this series:

You can also checkout the full online help page to see all these videos.

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  • Jon,

    Not sure if this blog is active, the others are from 2017.

    But, if it is, this is important:

    If these Add-Ins (after you have already installed them) do not automatically appear in the Ribbon when you access Excel it’s most likely due to an Office Security update that causes any file from the Internet to be marked as “Blocked”.

    To fix this:
    – Go to the file directory with the file(s)
    – Right-click and choose Properties
    – Click on the General Tab
    – On the lower right, click the ‘UNBLOCK’ button

    You should be good to go.

    FYI, after loading these add-ins: (Jon, assume you did not expand the tab in your add-in after loading) upon running Excel and accessing the Developer button, the Developer window is compressed. Simply grab the lower right hand corner and expand to see the full view.

    Thanks to JKP Application Development Services for their website help. (


  • Your products are awesome and the video tutorials add even more value. Tab Hound is saving me lots of time and he TOC is insane. I look forward to all of your cool products.