Shortcuts to Open the Power Query Editor

Bottom line: Learn a few shortcuts to quickly open the Power Query Editor in Excel.

Skill level: Intermediate

The Window to a Whole New World in Excel

Power Query (PQ) is an amazing tool that allows us to automate data transformations in Excel. Once you start using it, you'll want to get to the PQ Editor window quickly.

Power Query is currently a separate window that opens on top of Excel. There are quite a few ways to open this window. Some require more clicks than others. In this post we'll look at a few shortcuts, including keyboard shortcuts, to make this process faster.

Check out my posts on an Overview of Power Query and How to Install Power Query if you are on an older version of Excel.

The Get Data Menu

One quick way to open the PQ Editor is by clicking the “Launch Power Query Editor” button in the Get Data drop-down menu on the Data tab of the ribbon.

Open the Power Query Editor Window from the Get Data menu on the Data tab of the ribbon in Excel

Getting to this button is going to require multiple clicks, especially if you're not on the Data tab. However, there a few ways to get there faster.

The Quick Access Toolbar

The “Launch Power Query Editor” button can be added to the Quick Access Toolbar (QAT). You can right-click the item in the Get Data menu, then select Add to Quick Access Toolbar.

Add Power Query Editor button to Quick Access Toolbar in Excel

This adds the button to the QAT and allows you to open the PQ Editor with one click.

Power Query Editor button on the Quick Access Toolbar in Excel

Keyboard Shortcuts

There are at least two options for keyboard shortcuts to open the Power Query Editor.

Quick Access Toolbar Shortcut

First, if you add the “Launch Power Query Editor” button to the QAT, you can use the Alt+Number shortcut to press the button. The number you press after Alt is determined by the position of the button in the QAT. And the button can be moved left to a lower number.

Power Query Editor Button QAT Keyboard Shortcut

In the screenshot above I've moved the Launch Power Query button to the third position in the QAT. So, Alt+3 is the customized keyboard shortcut for me to open Power Query.

Checkout this post on Keyboard Shortcuts for the Quick Access Toolbar to learn more.

Alt Sequence Shortcut

The keyboard shortcut to open the Power Query Editor is: Alt, A, P, N, L

Those are the accelerator keys for the Data tab (A), Get Data menu (PN), and Launch Power Query Editor button (L). It's a long one to commit to remember. Leave a comment below if you think of a good acronym to help remember this one. 🙂

Keyboard Shortcut to Open Power Query Editor Window in Excel

Note: This Alt sequence shortcut will only work if you are on Excel 2016 or later for Windows. Power Query was an add-in with it's own ribbon tab before that. The Alt sequence will be a bit different.

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Do you know of any other shortcuts for opening the Power Query Editor? If so, please share and leave a comment below. Thank you! 🙂


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  • Are Peas Not Legumes? 🙂

    Another shortcut is available, once you have some queries in a workbook. It’s probably as long as APNL but, if you add the Queries and Connections to you QAT, then it’s only 3 clicks:

    1. Click the Queries and Connections icon
    2. in the right panel that opens up, right-click a query
    3. Select Edit



  • Jon, Edit this to clean it up where it needs it.

    My contribution to the class:
    At the Customize Quick Action Toolbar, Click on the Down Arrow
    Near the bottom of the list, Click on More Commands…
    On the next screen, Delete Popular Commands and Select All Commands
    Ding down on the list and Select Auto Correct Options. It will have a tiny yellow tail and Click on Add to add it to your Quick Action Toolbar. OK

    Jon, I first started using this Auto Correct shortcut when I was taking a bible class. It was getting tough spelling out Nebuchadnezzar and others, so I added it to my Autocorrect List. Now, if I type just the lower case letters “neb” and hit the space bar, Nebuchadnezzar prints out. I already use it for Power Query Editor, Pivot Table, Click on, Click Inside and a couple of dozen other words or groups of words such as “pqe”. You can also use it where you type a name and address regularly. Just highlight the 3-4 lines, Click on the Autocorrect button give it a “code” name and it’s all set.
    Thank you for your marvelous instructions – love your teachings,
    Have a Blessed Day,

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