Bottom line: Is the font too small and difficult to read in your reports?  In this post & video I share tips for changing the page zoom and text size in your Power BI charts & visuals.

Skill level: Beginner

In the video above I explain how to:

  1. Change the zoom on the page.
  2. Change the size of the page from the default 1280×720 pixels to a custom size.
  3. Quickly change the text size of all the elements in a visual using the search feature.
  4. Change the text size of all elements/components in the Matrix visual.
  5. Quickly change the text or font size on multiple visuals on a page.
  6. Use themes to change the text size of all visuals.
  7. Use Focus Mode to enlarge the visual and font size.

These tips should help improve the readability of your reports, and also save you time when changing the formatting of your visuals.

Please leave a comment below with questions or suggestions.

*Full article with images coming soon…

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