The Lookup Formulas Training Series Part 1:

The 5 Essentials to Getting Started with VLOOKUP

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Getting Started With VLOOKUP.xlsx (432.7 KB)

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Lookup Formulas Training Series

Video 1

Intro to VLOOKUP:
The 5 Must Know Essentials

Video 2

Lookup Formula Errors:
How to Prevent Critical Errors
Coming Soon!

Video 3

An Alternative to VLOOKUP
Coming Soon!


What Are You Going To Use VLOOKUP For?

Please leave a comment below with your answer, and any questions.  Thanks!​

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Betty - June 18, 2018

Hello Jon

Thank you for sharing your videos with me!

The videos are precise and simple.

I have a lot of data that I need to work through quickly.

The videos are great!

McEdriss - June 14, 2018

I have no word good enough to express how thankful I’m to have an opportunity to learn How to use VLookups and create Pivot tables.
Thank you so much and increase in wisdom as you make the world a better place.

Deanna L Carlson - May 31, 2018

Great video. I have used Vlookup for a while but you explain the finer details so well, and great visual!
I am a human resources professional who specializes in compensation, doing market analysis, incentive pay administration, merit and promotion pay spreadsheets, etc.

I am studying for the Microsoft Advanced certification exam. I need to get more practice with the following:
Advanced formulas – such as lookup formulas, sumif, countif, index/match;
Conditional formatting, and conditional formatting based on formulas and other custom criteria;
Pivot tables – all aspects, especially understanding more advanced features that could be on the exam.
Data modeling – cubevalue and cubeset formulas – simple basics, enough to help me get through what could be on the exam.
Do you have some materials / courses that may help?
Please do not post my reply on your website or would you remove if it automatically posts.
Thank you.

Mr.Jadhav - May 25, 2018

Mr.Jon Thank you so much. You are the best how to explain simple & easy way to under understand people like me.I waiting for your next videos.Thanks once again.

Dave - May 24, 2018

I want to use VLOOKUP in VBA to add data {employee number}to a load of excel spread sheets created as quick reference table for a word mail-merge application.

We’ve got to transfer a lot of historic training records to a new data platform and I think a VBA approach will be the most efficient method to get data in the format ready for transfer.

I get the VLOOKUP formula but it’s nice to see and hear you explain it and how it all comes together. I like the content and the style of delivery and would recommend this site to anyone else interested in sharpening their excel skills.

Jude - May 21, 2018

for accounting

Ivy - May 19, 2018

Hi Jon,

Thanks so much for sharing this video and tips. It is very easy to understand, clear and easy to follow. I am planning to further my career from admin assist to technical asst and this video is of great help. I am excited to watch your upcoming videos to learn more on formulas for database management and analysis.


Ivy - May 18, 2018

Hi Jon,

Thanks so much for sharing these videos and tips. It is very easy to understand, better than reading the instructions from the ? Icon in Microsoft. It indeed help me in my current work. Hope to learn more Excel formulas and tips from you.

Sue - May 11, 2018


You are awesome. Your class is awesome, too. You make the course very concise to be understood easily.

Dr. Debbie - May 10, 2018

I am going to use it to populate mailing label addresses for physicians.

Lorraine - May 8, 2018

Good video

Clare - May 3, 2018

Your videos are EXCELLENT!!!! The best I’ve seen online. Thank you.

Maria - April 30, 2018

Taking a test for an analyst position. Thank you so much!

Daniela Kanz - April 27, 2018

I don’t know yet if I will need VLOOKUP in the future, but I have always wondered about it. Your videos are very good and I enjoy learning from them.

Phil - April 24, 2018

Hi Jon,

Great video thanks. I am an equity analyst – basically I analyse listed companies for valuation purposes. I use excel daily but only really scratching the surface of its capabilities which in truth are limited by my lack of knowledge, hence, looking at your videos.

Vlookup’s could certainly be used for how we take our financial company forecasts and summarise them for database collection purposes. Something I am going to now investigate.

Looking forward to video’s 2 & 3.

Hoping to progress to your courses soon!

Many thanks


Priscilla Cauchi - April 22, 2018

Hi Jon,

My job title is an HR Analyst and a analyze company reports in regards to health care benefits. The company reports can include anything from finding duplicates.
My end goal is to make sure each employee is getting deductible the correct level of health care coverage they enrolled in.

Honestly, I new to using VLookup and I would like to know what reports this formula is most beneficial to use. I guess Im asking where and when should I use the VLookup formula.

I would greatly appreciate your feedback.

Thank you,

Priscilla Cauchi

Marcia - April 20, 2018

I want to use it to help get information from a bank statements.

Matt - April 18, 2018

Hi Great video! I use Vlookup all the time to analyze data and reconcile accounts.

Christine - April 17, 2018

I will be doing a vlookup for matches of CDM and NDC numbers.

Janette - April 17, 2018

Very good video! I am just learning vlookup again. I plan to use it to help me find pricing errors on weekly reports.

msmo - April 14, 2018

Hi Jon,
I’m trying to use vlookup to look up the qty of two values, value1 in column A, value2 in column B, and the qty is in column C. Value1 represent the item#, value 2 represents the storage # for that item. I want to do that on another summary sheet. I want to see the qty of each item on that specific storage. It’s seems like it’s not working. Am I using the right formula or do I need something else?

Kenneth - April 13, 2018

Tanks for a god video it clear out tings:)
I have a big projekt for a costumer to make schedule with different type off search functions for followups.

Sue - April 11, 2018

I used this to help me figure out how to teach someone about vlookups. I felt that I didn’t do a sufficient job of helping him retain the knowledge. Thank you!

Dan - April 11, 2018

I do data analysis on large financial files for our office. Been using Vlookup for some time now, but was not aware of the F4 button and the cell reference (i.e., 9Rx25C) tip to find the column number easier. Thanks!

I am really interested in using the index and match lookup formulas but have not had time to really examine or figure out in MS help, so I hope to see that video soon!

    Jon Acampora - April 12, 2018

    Thanks Dan! Happy to hear you learned some new tricks. Index and Match is a great alternative, and I think you will enjoy the next video.

    Thanks again and have a nice day! 🙂

INYENE-OBONG - April 10, 2018

Thank you, Is for better performance in my job.

Spring Sun - April 10, 2018

I use Vlookup for financial reports purpose. Thank you for the webinar training, this is very helpful.

Mike - April 9, 2018

Great video! Just wanting to learn v-lookup.

Sue - April 6, 2018

Making my job easier! Thank you.

Matlale - April 6, 2018

To compile reports at work. Thank you

Neha - April 5, 2018

Great Video to learn Vlookup. My concept becomes more clear after watching this video.

Rza - April 2, 2018

Thank you for the video. I want to learn more so will be following your upcoming videos.

Carol - March 29, 2018

Great video, clear, concise, informative, easy to understand and implement.

Brenda - March 28, 2018

Great video.

Nancy - March 28, 2018

To look up specific donation amounts.

Fred - March 27, 2018

Thanks. Until this video, I’ve always sorted before performing a vlookup function.

shanta - March 22, 2018

Thank you so much. You are the best how to explain simple & easy way to under understand people like me.

Ross - March 21, 2018

Good knowledge transfer

Denise - March 21, 2018

Great video thanks.

Ban - March 18, 2018

thanks a lot for that info
i was looking for it long time a go

Larry - March 16, 2018

Loved the tone and clarity of your voice. I also liked the extended info you presented to clarify the function and the tips to help identify the columns u were working in. My projects are just beginning. I have not been assigned any specific task thus far. Just learning excel and its uses.

Martin Harvey - March 16, 2018

As always – excellent presentation. I use VLOOKUPs frequently for merging data from separate customer and transaction files.

Jeffrey Mikles - March 15, 2018

Hi Jon, when do you expect to launch the other two videos?


Vitja - March 15, 2018

I use vlookup a lot when need to match and rename incoming data with defined names table. Now I am looking to learn Index and Match formulas.

KAREN WHITE - March 14, 2018

wow great help on learning vlook up

Connie - March 9, 2018

Great video! I will use it for putting together forecast data.


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