The Lookup Formulas Training Series Part 1:

The 5 Essentials to Getting Started with VLOOKUP

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Lookup Formulas Training Series

Video 1

Intro to VLOOKUP:
The 5 Must Know Essentials

Video 2

Lookup Formula Errors:
How to Prevent Critical Errors
Coming Soon!

Video 3

An Alternative to VLOOKUP
Coming Soon!


What Are You Going To Use VLOOKUP For?

Please leave a comment below with your answer, and any questions.  Thanks!​

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Marvis - September 24, 2018

I want to learn about Vlook up,how to use vlookup to get data from one file to another.

Gurinder - September 21, 2018

Thanks Jon, very well explained. I have used this before but the tips are really great. Little tricks which go a long way! Use it for most of our reports to look up a specific HR record

Belinda Lehr - September 17, 2018

I will be getting added responsibility to my existing position and VLookup may be a helpful tool.

karen - September 15, 2018

I was past over for a work promotion because I don’t know how to use vlookup so I am here to learn them and more.

Shiva Dharini Venkataramanan - September 14, 2018

Very well explained..

Use vlookup to retrieve specific employee data

Maggie Wang - September 9, 2018

use for the sales and use tax report.

Michael - August 26, 2018

I use it in grading sheets, where the final grade depends on grades of each prior class. But once I understand index and match, I prefer that.

Lynne - August 24, 2018

To lookup product code HTS codes on spreadsheet with +15,000 product codes.

Tony - August 20, 2018

Good information and well presented.
Looking forward to the next two videos as I need the more advanced information on handling the errors and the Index and Match functions.
Thanks a lot!

Andrew simms from Australia - August 16, 2018

HI All
Not sure if this will get to someone that can help me
But ill try
I have a workbook with lots of formulas that is all going well called Comp Scores
I have 4 macros that are working well, I recorded the macros in the prelim part worksheet and copied all the formulas to the other 5 worksheets these other 5 worksheets are called different names everything copies over well. I tried to run the macros in the other worksheets and it won’t work the same as the Prelim Part the sort part of the macro does not complete the macro section keeps referring to Prelim Part (ActiveWorkbook.Worksheets(“Prelim Part”).Sort.SortFields.Clear

I am at my whits end to find out why I am a kind off learner when it comes to macros and VBA

The workbook is for a horse riding club for scoring at competitions and has 5 different levels so thats why I need 5 worksheets all with the same formulars

I really hop some one can help me I have studied a lot of the Excel Campus videos

Just an incredible job to do all that information

So hop someone can help


Regards Andrew Simms

From Australia

Jethro - August 14, 2018

Jon, this introduction video to Lookups was concise and so helpful I really appreciate all the work you put into your content! Please keep it up. Looking forward to the 2nd video!

Jen - August 4, 2018

Thanks, I will be using this to combine info from several spreadsheets.

Adnan - August 1, 2018

Good job Jon

Steven - July 30, 2018

I use it to lookup print numbers per print device.

LJ - July 25, 2018

using vlookup to combine data from 2 different worksheets

Jesse - July 24, 2018

Getting started, and am just trying to expand my excel knowledge 🙂 awesome video BTW

Jannette Trevino - July 21, 2018

I’m helping a friend adjusting students BecaPell files for the semester.

Hans - July 20, 2018

I will use vlookups to combine data from two separate software programs

Peter Sampson - July 18, 2018

Thanks-first time of learning VLOOKUP,but easy to get the concept

Brenda - July 7, 2018

For some reason, I seem to get brain fog when it comes to learning v-lookups.

Thank you so much for the clarity in video 1; I will definitely use v-lookup when the occasion arises.

Thank you so much!

Martin Hickey - July 6, 2018

I will use Vlookup to work out which of my site staff are using a certain application of site report forms

Rick Esser - July 1, 2018

To lookup a users id number in one worksheet using an email address as the key. I want to end up with email address and user id number in the same worksheet on the same row.

TM DELIGHT - June 28, 2018

Very neatly explained and such a lovely manner to learn such a complex topic!


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