The Lookup Formulas Training Series Part 1:

The 5 Essentials to Getting Started with VLOOKUP

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Lookup Formulas Training Series

Video 1

Intro to VLOOKUP:
The 5 Must Know Essentials

Video 2

Lookup Formula Errors:
How to Prevent Critical Errors
Coming Soon!

Video 3

An Alternative to VLOOKUP
Coming Soon!


What Are You Going To Use VLOOKUP For?

Please leave a comment below with your answer, and any questions.  Thanks!​

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Robert Sabelli - February 17, 2018

I thought the video was great and need help with pivot tables. Question is how do you get all data when there is more than one I.E there were two prices on the menu yet only the first one got listed, what if there were 10 and I wanted all 10 to list?

Pink - February 11, 2018

To understand what is the number of orders of a particular toy

Deena - February 6, 2018

I will use vlookup to look up addresses for my customers’ returned mail. Items are returned with an acct no. Using acct no. I can query my table of customers to view the address in the database.

Gabriela - February 3, 2018

I need to use excel for my job, this vlookup formula is very useful. Thank you for your SPLENDID lessons.


Eva - February 3, 2018

For reporting on evaluation-forms at work.

ji - January 30, 2018

I used VLookUp for my job.

Denise - January 28, 2018


Sylvia - January 22, 2018

Hi Jon,
this material is great!
How can we get on a notification list, so that we can get the other two videos when they come out?
Please and thanks

John Raper - January 19, 2018

I need to lookup all items in a list that meet a single criterion.
The number of items to be returned varies according to the value of the single criterion.
I looovvve the VLOOKUP Essentials video tutorial and I have recommended it to my friends.
John Raper

Skelly - January 17, 2018

Great job explaining.
I plan on using vlookup at work. I work in Supply Chain Management department in my organization. This involves comparing materials prices and sourcing.

Jill - January 17, 2018

Can’t wait for the index-match video!

JC - January 15, 2018

To match a list of specifications numbers with the corresponding part name.

yonas buni - January 4, 2018

Just wow excellent presentation to start from the scratch and to know excel better.
Thanks really!!

Bob - January 2, 2018

I am looking for a way to grab the artist’s name from one table, additional elements from the entries table, and generate a spreadsheet or pivot table for generating labels for the art show.

Bert - December 30, 2017

I would Like to use it for Bank Reconciliation, do you have at tips for this?

Ravi Dhimab - December 25, 2017

Thanks jon the video is very explanatory and clear.

Lynn - December 22, 2017

Project at work updating charge masters.

Myint Zaw - December 19, 2017

very nice video for Lookup.

Horacio - December 18, 2017

First of all thanks so much for the amazing knowledge you are sharing Jon!
I always wanted to categorize my record collection using excel since I am a huge music lover but never got to it.
Thats what maybe someday I can arrange by downloading the info from the internet instead of picking up each record or
cd and typing in everything.
Many thanks once again.

Be - December 7, 2017

Thank you very much! This is very helpful.
To use in data operations function for financial services project.

adil Yaqub - December 6, 2017

Very Nice video and very helpful…

Yassser - December 2, 2017

Very helpful. Great explanations.Thank you very much

Abdulkader - December 1, 2017

Useful for proof reading.

Sergio - November 30, 2017

To be able to work with large data and be able to produce good results.

Lora - November 30, 2017

This video explains the vlookup in a such simple way. I have had many problems in the past trying to use it. I usually end up with errors or do control find for a lot of things and then copy and paste! I do training for 8 hospitals on entering their community benefits into a database. Just the key people alone is over 600 people. This will help me in knowing who and when took which trainings.

Maria - November 30, 2017

Thanks a lot for your video it is really useful and easy to understand, basically my work is to compare sheets received from client to whatever processed on my system to make sure amount is matched for this comparison I use lookup formula

Divya - November 28, 2017


Al-Amin - November 26, 2017

An excellent video for Vlookup. I need the download link of this video. Please send me the download link to this email:

carol - November 24, 2017

to look for price

Norman - November 24, 2017

Dear Jon:
Your explanation regarding the subject is very simple and clear. Vlook UP is essential in managing the data of our employees specially when the system is manual. Thank You! your great teaching helps our job easier.

Raymond - November 22, 2017

Hi Jon.

Great series and great instruction – easy to follow and replicate. Thank you for your time and dedication.
I love Excel also and I am looking forward to constructing a persona and small business expense tracker with which I can easily and quickly find the data I need.

Kashif RIaz - November 21, 2017

Enjoyed the learning experience. To the point, simple and very well presented.

African - November 21, 2017

Will be taking a test to qualify for a particular role at my office

BP - November 17, 2017

To work in the accounting dept.

Randy - November 16, 2017

Developing construction estimating spreadsheet containing up to 2500 rows. Need method to type in a product or service that will show list of possibilities. ie “2×4” will show all references to 2×4 in that list, so I can easily find 2×4-10′ long, pressure treated.

I - November 15, 2017

This video was helpful, the possibilities are endless…using it in my daily work tasks to start. Thanks.

Harold - November 14, 2017

Excellent presentations, clear and concise.
I am trying to build a budget and spending spreadsheet with a dashboard and data input feature.

Mazen al jebali - November 12, 2017

very nice and helpful video

SUNIL KUMAR - November 11, 2017

Nice, for the beginners to understand how to use VLOOKUP functions. Thanks!

Ahmed M. Hanafy - November 9, 2017

Thnx I learned a lot from it ,speaking of your question,5 I’m just intending and eager to get more advanced in excel

Ade - November 9, 2017

To use for budget and resource reporting

Robert - November 8, 2017

To find the right exchange rates for particular transactions from the BANK OF UGANDA excel data file for exchange rates

Lou - November 6, 2017

Minimize use of complicated if formulas.

Dem - November 5, 2017

To use it with products’ prices values and to improve professional skills!

Dipesh - November 5, 2017

For verification of data for specific person for number of hours he worked

Scott - November 3, 2017

To Pass the MOS Excel 2016 test


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