Lookup Formulas Training Series – Getting Started with VLOOKUP (1 of 3)

The Lookup Formulas Training Series Part 1:

The 5 Essentials to Getting Started with VLOOKUP

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Getting Started With VLOOKUP.xlsx (432.7 KB)

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Lookup Formulas Training Series

Video 1

Intro to VLOOKUP:
The 5 Must Know Essentials


What Are You Going To Use VLOOKUP For?

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  • Neat video to help reinforce knowledge of Vlookups and learn one or two tips along the way as well. It has left a cliffhanger for the next video instalment in the series, can see a been a couple of months have passed since first video. Look forward to it and hopefully not as big a gap in between each video to wait as GoT.

  • I have been using vlookups for years now, and I totally love them, I constantly use them to search specific values in a large data source and/or to compare different reports.

  • I am an aspiring Excel Analyst. I am also studying for my MOS Expert Excel Certification. As such, it is critical for me not only to be knowledgeable , but also learn effectively, and apply expert level Excel tips and techniques to be productive.

  • I am already using VLOOKUP on approx all my projects. Waiting for next video to hadle errors.
    Thanks for helping with F4 Key uses.

  • At my attempt the link was not good so i stopped it. I will do so at a time when hopefully the link would be good. Thanks.

  • Just discovered Jon’s helpful blogs and tutorials! It is always wonderful to discover a great teacher!! I will be using VLOOKUP and other formulas to compile estimate sheets for my construction business… Thanks again Jon!

  • Enjoyed this first video! Learned a lot in a short time. I think Vlookup will help large amounts of data be more useable. I am an HOA board member and Neighborhood Watch Coordinator for a 238 homes 55+ community. I look forward to utilizing Vlookup as a tool to efficiently mine source data elements involving expenditures items, and community demographics. Thanks for being there.

  • I’ve used Vlookup for a few years to determine revenue on specific items. I still learned a few things I wasn’t aware of watching this video.

  • Currently I only use for combining or checking data from different sources. Thank you for your explanations, I found very useful.

  • I use Vlookup for accounting projects. Actually, I also need tips about how to apply the lookup formula under multiple criteria.
    John’s video is pretty awesome! I always learn a bunch of critical tips.

  • I am database developer and i spend hours trying to figure out peoples excel sheets . I need a to learn vlookups to make my analyze jobs easier.

  • I wont be using VLOOKUP for anything in particular right now but I have used it in the past for identifying part numbers in different lists. The F4 tip was awesome. It’s amazing what you can learn in just a few short minutes! Thank you Jon. Much appreciated.

  • I already use vlookup regularly at work but never knew how to anchor my table array with f4. Thanks this will be so helpful.

  • Using the F4 function to lock the table array has saved me so much time. I don’t get as many #N/A lines returned in my VLOOKUP’s now. Thank you!

  • I am a mechanical building services design engineer, and want to automate a lot of my common, repetitive calculations and simplify some of them which require a lot of iteration. I also want to automate the setting up of project folders with subfolders and standard content based on project characteristics that are normally entered at the beginning of a project but reused later. I have a feeling that the VBA course may also help me with this. If you have any suggestions I would greatly appreciate it.

  • I am learning it at Tafe but have not actually been told how to understand it, I thank you for your simple helpful explanation!

  • Not using for any particular purpose at the moment, just want to learn everything I can about Excel as it is such a powerful tool…..and it may at some point in future be helpful in my workplace

  • Hi Jon,

    I did watch the VLOOKUP formula video, that’s very helpful. Do you have some sample of excel source data (hundred of rows, more columns, etc.) so that I could use it to practice this function for my own exercise.

    Thank you

  • I have been thru a lot videos online and “Andy” is the best instruction guy for excel thus far. Using analogies for the excel language is the best way to teach it. THANK YOU!

  • LOOKUP (and the other lessons here) will DEFINITELY help me at work. With all the database exports to excel spreadsheets for audits, investigations and other tasks it will make going through that information A LOT easier for me (and some others on the team too!).


  • As Liviu has written, I use vlookup function on daily basis at work. I am very interested in consolidating knowledge about this function

  • I work with multiple spreadsheets on a daily basis and there are time that I need to bring information in from one to another. At first the data sets were small but now they are enormous and copy & paste is no longer viable. I know VLOOKUP can be very useful I just need to learn all there is to know about VLOOKUP.

  • Thank you. I liked the way you taught the start of VLookup. It was a nice teaser. I was working as an intern for SE Works/Work Source/Experience Works 24 hours a week for $12.00 an hour. The job ended. I took your course to upgrade my Excel ability. So I definitely can not afford your subsequent classes. I have been in credit and collections for the last 35 years. I am an older person who evidently can’t get hired because of age. I am “too overqualified, too much experience, not a good fit, don’t fit the culture, and not appropriate”. I have been actively looking for a job for over 5 years. I know it is an age problem but I can’t prove it. I get called in for interviews and the minute they see me they ultimately hire someone else. Unfortunately, some of the jobs are put back on the internet 3 months later. I am at a loss. But anyway, thank you. If and when I happen to find a good job, I would like to take the rest of your courses.

    • I know exactly how you feel Doris as I just turned 51.

      One of the best ways to proceed is to continue to make yourself valuable with hard skill(s). People like Jon A. help facilitate that process. I’m also working on an advanced Accounting certification.

      As well, working with employment agencies is valuable is something I have found to be helpful, as they can help direct you to a professional working environment that values experience.

  • To cross reference different files and folders as well as sheets, including photos as well as data – and to understand how to get out of problems like ERROR (rather than just see ERROR ! )
    Many thanks for the first video

  • To combine data from two or 3 different worksheets and hopefully I can use in Pivot tables.
    Thanks Jon as always great online learning.

  • Your teaching is precise and at the same time explanatory as needed. Thank YOu.
    I would like to use Pivot tables and vLookup to brush up my excel skill for data analysis. Where can I find more pivot tables tutorials (besides 3 videos)?

  • Very lovely introduction with some sleek shortcuts thrown in. Thanks!
    I intend to use vlookup in combination with Pivot Tables to improve my data analysis and report preparation.