New Update to the List Search Add-in

The List Search Add-in has become very popular.  This simple add-in allows us to quickly search any data validation list.  It has additional features to search lists in cells without validation, and even create lists of unique values.

List Search Add-in Drop-down List Contains Data Validation List of Items

I have receive a lot of great feedback from users, and also some fantastic ideas.  This week I published an update to List Search with a few new features that were requested by the awesome Excel Campus community, that's you!

Here is a video that explains the new features.

Here is a list of the new features in the April 2017 update.

  1. Added the Auto Open feature to automatically open the form when a cell that contains data validation is selected. This option can be toggled on/off with a toggle button in the options menu.
  2.  The add-in now works with data validation created by formulas (OFFSET & INDEX) and comma separated lists.  It should work with all types of data validation lists.
  3. Updated Escape Key behavior to close the List Search window.  If there is text in the search box, then Escape clears the search box.  If the search box is empty, then Escape closes the form.

In the video I also showed some cells with drop-down button icons next to them, even though the cell was not selected.  Check out my article on how to make the validation list drop-down buttons always visible to learn more about this technique.

How do I get List Search?

List Search Add-in Free Download 640x360

Click here to go to the page that contains all the details about List Search

The link to the download page is at the bottom of that page.

I have turned comments off on this page.  Please leave any comments on the page at the link above.  Thank you!

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