The Tab Hound and Tab Control Add-ins for Excel

The wait is finally over.  Tab Hound and Tab Control are now available to download!

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This page includes the videos from the last three blog posts.  These videos explain how to save a ton of time with your everyday worksheet tasks using Tab Hound and Tab Control.

The videos also contain a bunch of Excel tips, so you should learn a few tricks and shortcuts even if you can't use add-ins.

Video #1 – Save Time with Everyday Excel Tasks

If you spend time doing any of the following tasks, this video explains shortcuts to makes these processes faster.

  • Finding and navigating to worksheets.
  • Flipping back and forth between two sheets.
  • Hiding and unhiding multiple sheets.

Video #2 – Organize and Manage Your Worksheets

In this video explain:

  • Shortcuts for copying and renaming sheets.
  • A fast way to copy sheets to a new workbook.
  • How to create a Table of Contents in your workbook.
  • How to organize and manage your worksheets with Tab Control.

Video #3 – Automate Common Processes in Excel

In this video I demonstrate how you can automate some common tasks with the Tab Control add-in.

You will learn:

  • How to add multiple sheets to your workbook from a list of sheet names.
  • How to re-order your sheets quickly with drag-and-drop.
  • How to automate the process of hiding and unhiding multiple sheets for a monthly reporting package.

Tab Hound Help Videos

The following contains a playlist of 16 videos that will help you learn all about Tab Hounds features.  The videos contain some useful shortcuts that will save you even more time.

Download Tab Hound & Tab Control

Change How You Work With Excel

Tab Hound and Tab Control are two tools that will dramatically improve your productivity.  They are packed with features that will help you get your job done faster.

Please click the following link to get these add-ins today.

Download Tab Hound & Tab Control

Tab Hound and Tab Control are improving everyday with your feedback.  Please leave a comment with any questions or suggestions.  Thank you!

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Jon Acampora

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Ali - September 24, 2017

Mr. JonAcampora I am very impressed from you, I like your job its amazing. wish you best of luck in future.

imran ali - October 18, 2016

sir how can we download your excel video in our pc
no option have been shown in your website plz tell me

    Jon Acampora - October 22, 2016

    Hi Imran,
    I do not have a way to download the videos at this time. They are all available on Youtube. Thanks!

SAJJAN - January 13, 2015

Very nice website and helpful resources on Excel.

Thanks a lot. Please keep up your good efforts.

Jon Spain - August 5, 2014

It would be good if you were to show supported version and licensing details (PC and laptop?) but I’ve bought; thank you.


    Jon Acampora - August 5, 2014

    Thanks Jon! That’s a great suggestion. I will add more details about that. Currently the add-ins will work with Excel for Windows versions 2007, 2010, and 2013. I really appreciate your purchase! Please let me know if you have any questions.


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