How To Jump to the Last Cell in a Selected Range

Have you ever pasted a long list of data, and then wondered if you completely pasted over the existing data?

In the following video I explain how to use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+. (period) to quickly answer this question.  It's one of my favorite keyboard shortcuts because it can save you from having to scroll hundreds or thousands of rows with the mouse.

Paste Data Over Existing Data

Note: The Ctrl+. shortcut also works on the Mac version of Excel.


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  • Learn shortcuts for the Excel ribbon (toolbar) to quickly perform commands you use the most.

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I have also written an eBook on this topic with detailed step-by-step tutorials.  The book also explains “why” it is so important to learn keyboard shortcuts in Excel.  Using a combination of the keyboard and mouse can help you work very efficiently in Excel.

The key to learning keyboard shortcuts is to take your time and practice.  You can't expect to memorize shortcut keys overnight, and this book gives you a good understanding of the basics.

A Page from the Book

Here is a sample page from the book that explains another shortcut to add or delete rows.  This is another shortcut that will save you a lot of time.

Sample Page from Navigate Excel with the Keyboard eBook-13

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Ben - September 27, 2017

Hey Jon,

apparently there was a change in Office 2013. When I use the shortcut, Excel returns the current date in the first cell of the selected range.

Do you know what the new shortcut is now?

John Atamanczyk - April 27, 2017

I do love this shortcut and use it all the time, although I’m not sure I would use it in the situation that was illustrated.

If you want to make sure all of your old data is gone, why not delete everything out of that worksheet first, so you have a clean worksheet on which to paste the new data?

Jon Acampora - November 20, 2014

Thanks Dave! It definitely helps prevent a sore scrolling finger… 🙂

Dave Bruns - November 8, 2014

Hey John, excellent tip & video! When you’re working with hundreds or thousands of rows, controlling the location of the active cell in a selection is huge. Like you say, it can save *a lot* of scrolling.


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