The Excel Digest (Excel You Should Know): August 15th 2023

Happy Tuesday! 🌏​

Today I'm sharing some of my favorite Excel-related content from the last week, as well as trending Excel content you should know.

Microsoft Excel Tips & Updates:

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  • HSTACK Tutorial:

First up, we look at HSTACK. Say goodbye to the tedious process of manual data alignment and the repetitive task of copy-pasting. We'll show you how HSTACK is the ultimate game-changer for reclaiming your time. Aptly referred to as “Horizontal Stack,” this technique empowers you to effortlessly merge data from disparate columns into a cohesive, uninterrupted row. Supercharge your efficiency and wholeheartedly embrace the new era of streamlined data management with HSTACK.

  • Excel Trivia You Should Know:

Next, join us for our new “Did You Know?” Excel trivia series! Through our Instagram posts, we explore the world of spreadsheets as we share tips and lesser-known facts about the never-ending capabilities of Excel.

This week, we look at Flash Fill: a powerful feature in Microsoft Excel that automates data transformation and manipulation. By recognizing patterns in your data, Flash Fill can automatically extract, concatenate, or rearrange information without requiring complex formulas or manual data entry. This time-saving tool streamlines tasks like splitting names, formatting dates, and more, making data manipulation a breeze.

Microsoft Excel Content You Should Learn This Week:

Before you leave, check out our top three trending blog posts this week. Popular tutorials give us an insight into which Excel skills are currently in demand, meaning you can brush up on the Excel tools you need to stay relevant:

  • VBA Tutorial: Find the Last Row, Column, or Cell on a Sheet

    Uncover Excel's Last Cell secrets in our blog post. Learn three VBA methods within the Range object to effortlessly identify the last used row, column, or cell. Demystify Range.End(), embrace the versatility of Range.Find(), and simplify with Range.SpecialCells(xlCellTypeLastCell). Master data navigation with ease!
  • 12 Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows File Explorer​

    Learn time-saving File Explorer tricks, such as:
    • Opening and navigating efficiently
    • Duplicating windows for better organization
    • Closing windows promptly
    • Creating and renaming folders effortlessly
  • 5 Keyboard Shortcuts for Rows and Columns in Excel​

    Learn time-saving Excel shortcuts for efficient spreadsheet management and optimization:

    This article provides valuable keyboard shortcuts that can greatly enhance your productivity when working with rows and columns in Excel. From simple tasks like adding/deleting rows to more complex actions like adjusting column widths and creating outline groups, these shortcuts offer a streamlined approach to spreadsheet tasks. The post also includes equivalent shortcuts for Mac users.

And finally, we want to hear from you! Share your Excel goals for the week in the comments section below, and how you hope to achieve them.


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  • Thank you for all you share! My only tip for the community is to be sure to back up your personal macro workbook somewhere. I forgot to do so before IT came around and gave everyone a new PC. Don’t be like me. Back up your hours and hours of work.

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