Excel Bad Habit #11

Wasting Paper by Not Using WRAPCOLS When Printing Lists

Printing long lists that are only one column wide can waste a lot of paper, which of course is bad for business as well as the environment.

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WRAPCOLS wraps one column into many

Consider using the WRAPCOLS function to reduce your print page count.

WRAPCOLS takes a long list that is in a single column and breaks it up into several columns side-by-side.

Writing the WRAPCOLS function is easy.

  1. Select the range that contains your list to be the formula's first argument, vector.
  2. For wrap_count, tell Excel how many rows you want your new column to have. Excel defaults to 47, but you may want to adjust that number if you've changed the row heights.
  3. Finally, for [pad_with], enter two quotation marks. This tells Excel that you want to see blanks for any leftover cells in your final column.

Teach this tip to a coworker to reduce paper waste even further, and be sure to let the boss know you're saving the company money.

Have an Excel bad habit that you need help breaking? Tell us about it in the comments below, where you can leave questions and feedback as well.

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