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Save a step by naming your new sheets right when you create them.

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You're probably familiar with the plus-shaped button + at the bottom of your workbook that creates a new sheet. One click, and instantly a new sheet appears.

single click new sheet button to add a sheet

However, if you double-click the button instead, Excel will not only insert the new sheet, but will allow you to rename it at the same time. The sheet name is put into edit mode so that you can immediately start typing the sheet name.

double click new sheet button to rename the new sheet

If you make the double-click a habit when you add your new sheets, you'll avoid forgetting to name your sheets, and your workbooks will look clean and organized!

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  • Thank you for a great hack!
    Here is what I experienced. On an older workbook, created about 5 years ago, it did NOT work. So to test it, I started a brand new workbook, and yes, it works great! Any comments on that? I run Office 365

    • Hi Jess.

      This hack only works if you’re adding a new sheet at the end. It’s not a standard feature or a property of the plus button. It is a coincidental convenience. Has nothing to do with older or newer workbook.

      Great find by Jon by the way.

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