Testimonials for Jon Acampora

The following are some kind words from colleagues and clients that are a result of my customer-first attitude, determination to succeed, and willingness to help others.

written by: Global Controller
project: Overall Performance

Jon Acampora has played an instrumental role in developing automated tools to improve manual intensive processes.  We are grateful for the effort he displayed in sharing solutions during our recent controllers conference:  such as a customized tool bar that integrates with our existing financial reporting application, advanced excel training, and a complex file manager that will save hours of manual efforts.  His enthusiasm to develop these solutions is valued and he is clearly becoming the go-to person in the finance organization.  Jon displays all of our company values and his relentless efforts and willingness to support the team is unparalleled.


written by: Director of Finance
project: Overall Performance

Jon has been providing productivity support to diverse finance teams consistently over the past several quarters. His knowledge of Excel, Oracle Essbase and various programming tools has enabled him to develop many enhancements to existing applications and processes. Not only did he later share these tools to a broader audience, either through training sessions or ad-hoc support, he is always willing to provide one-on-one support as requested by team members. His experience with financial tools, company processes and willingness to work with others has made him a sought-after resource in the FP&A community. He has been able to increase the productivity of a large number of employees over a long period of time.


written by: Finance Manager
project: Credit & Collections Model

Jon enthusiastically and consistently provides well thought out, valuable, time-saving job-aids to the finance team. For example, he was able to create a tool for me that was able to calculate a very complex compensation plan with several different measurements. He had original ideas for addressing the multiple challenges within the plan and built in additional features such as commission statements and reports within the tool. The time savings is enormous for me and provides valuable reporting tools for the manager and VP of the group. The manager's comment was “this is slick!”.

Another example of Jon’s continuous “customers first” approach is the enhancement of a complex budgeting tool and process that he delivered.  The tool was very well received and has become the go forward standard in the budgeting process, saving the finance team countless preparation hours. To quote one member, she said “it saved my life!”.


written by: CFO
project: Peer Group Analysis Project

This is absolutely fantastic!!!!!  Jon – you’ve set the new standard by which we communicate information to the Exec team!!!



written by: VP of Marketing
project: Pricing Model

Thank you again Jon – much appreciated and excellent work. 


written by: Finance Manager
project: Budget Process Automation

Hi Jon,

Thanks so much for creating this wonderful tool!  It is absolutely amazing.  It’s fast, easy and efficient. With one click of the action button, it created 68 AOP opex templates in only 42 minutes [including lengthy data downloads from the database], drastically cut down the painful tedious manual process which could take about two days.  I love it!   Attached is the action log for your review.

FYI, I’ve been doing testing on the File Manager tool in the last couple days.  It works out great!  Can’t wait to show you how cool it is when you get back.   We are ready to go.


written by: Finance Manager
project: Essbase Tools Add-in

Hi Jon:

I have listened to your record and it is very helpful to me! I have struggled with Essbase Fcst report the whole week. I wish I had listened to your record earlier.

I am looking forward to your record for the meeting next week.

Let’s schedule a one-to-one training after the meeting for new features. I think I will understand more and have more questions at that time. 


written by: Regional Controller
project: Excel Training

Everyone (about 12 people from Finance) was thrilled with your Excel training course and they’re already looking forward to the next one.  Thank you!

You talked about previous sessions you had held, were those recorded and can we have access?

Thank you!


written by: Director of Talent Acquisitions
project: Overall Performance

Jon was and still is one of the brightest people I have ever recruited. His knowledge of systems, both financial and technical, is amazing! He jumped right into a new role at Epicor and worked hard to learn a very complex system for a global business. He is professional, resourceful and a joy to work with. I highly recommend Jon. 

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