The VBA Pro Course Tour & Sneak Peek

The following video is a tour of The VBA Pro Course. This is the members' site where you will access the course.

Here are some of the features I mention in the video:

  • The course site can be accessed at any time from any device (home computer, work computer, iPad, tablet, or even a smart phone).
  • The site tracks your progress so you can pickup right where you left off last.
  • There is a comments section on every lesson page.  You will receive an email when a reply is made to your comment.
  • The video lessons are displayed nice and big on the page, making it easy to see my screen.
  • The Search feature allows you to quickly find any video lesson you are looking for.
  • You can re-watch videos any time, and also mark lessons as complete or incomplete.
  • There is a challenge assignment at the end of each module to help you practice what you've learned and test your skills.
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