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Format Copier V1.2 (265.1 KB)

Includes Format Copier v.1.2.xlsm and sample formatting file for Excel 2007 & beyond.

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Format Copier Overview

The Format Copier tool automates the process of applying page layout and formatting options to multiple sheets in multiple workbooks.  If you are trying to copy any kind of Excel formatting options to other worksheets, this is the tool for you.  And you can store your formatted sheets, which we will call templates, to use when you have to format the same unformatted worksheets/reports in the future.

The Format Copier will save you lots of time.  Especially if you’re formatting the same worksheets over and over again.  The tool is very easy to use and even stores your formatting preferences so you don’t have to remember which formatting options you use for each template.

The Format Copier is a workbook that contains:

  • The formatting tool
  • And your formatted worksheets (templates) that you will use to copy formatting to unformatted worksheets in other workbooks.

With the press of a few buttons you will be able to apply your template formatting to multiple worksheets and workbooks.  And you can select individual sheets in various workbooks to apply the formatting to.

Formatting Options include:

  • Page Layout Options for Printing
    • Header and Footer including images, pictures, or logos
    • Margins, Page Orientation and Scaling, Page Size
    • Print Area, Page Breaks, Print Titles, Print Options
  • Page Breaks for Printing
  • Cell Formatting & Conditional Formatting
    • Font, Alignment, Number, Styles, Borders, Fill, Protection
  • Outlines or Row & Column Groups
  • Freeze Panes
  • Hidden Rows & Columns
  • Column Widths
  • Row Heights

This tool will help if you spend time doing any of the following in Excel:

  • Insert header picture, image, or logo on all or select worksheets
  • Apply the same header logo formatting on all worksheets
  • Format multiple Excel worksheets
  • Apply page setup and print settings to multiple worksheets.

Recent Updates

01/17/2010 – Version 1.2: Update includes new feature to copy header and footer pictures to formatted worksheets.  Template List includes columns for header/footer picture file paths, used when copying pictures.  See help for instructions.

Help & Instructions

A help page is included in the Format Copier file, and includes instructions for using the tool.

Help Page (online version)

Contact us with questions, comments, ideas for improvement, or additional services.

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