The Power BI Course for Excel Users from MyOnlineTrainingHub

Have you heard about Power BI yet?

No, it's not the name of a new energy drink. Although, it will probably add a lot of electricity to your morning and/or afternoon. 🙂

The BI stands for Business Intelligence, and Power BI is Microsoft's FREE new tool for visualizing data and creating interactive dashboards.

Power BI enables us to:

  1. Bring data together from multiple sources including Excel, databases (SQL, Oracle, SAP, Salesforce, Dynamics, Facebook, etc.), the web, and more.
  2. Clean and transform the data to create relationships between data tables.
  3. Create interactive reports and dashboards that are accessible on any device including computers, phones, tablets, and even Apple Watch.

The reports can be refreshed any time with new data, and we can also schedule refreshes to happen automatically.

Power BI is the future of how we will analyze, present, and share data.  It's a revolutionary new tool that provides us with a lot of opportunity.

As Excel users, we are fortunate to be living through this revolution.  Thousands of companies have already starting adopting Power BI as their business intelligence solution.

Power BI uses Excel technologies we are familiar with like Power Query and PowerPivot.  It combines these awesome tools, and adds an incredible charting and visualization layer on top.  This provides a beautiful interactive experience for the end user to discover new insights about our data.

The best part is that Power BI is absolutely FREE.  This includes:

  • The Power BI Desktop App that we can use to connect to our data sources, transform our data, and build our dashboard reports.
  • We then upload (sync) the report books to the service to share with our co-workers.  The dashboards can be viewed on any device.

If you are currently creating reports and dashboards in Excel, and struggling to figure out a way to update and share these reports, then I recommend checking out Power BI.

The Power BI for Excel Users Online Course

My friend Mynda Treacy from MyOnlineTrainingHub has released a brand new online course called, Power BI for Excel Users.

This course covers everything you need to know to start creating interactive reports and dashboards in Power BI, and also share them with your colleagues.

This includes the most important step: preparing your data. Getting our data in the right format for reporting is by far the most critical step in this process. So, Mynda explains data preparation in detail along with common mistakes to avoid.

The Power BI for Excel Users Course provides in-depth, step-by-step training on all the components of Power BI. All the videos in the course are short in length, around 6 minutes each, which makes it easy to watch a video and practice what you've learned.

I just have to warn you that Power BI is addicting. 🙂 Once you start using it, you will find yourself “playing” with it a lot! This is for good reason though.

You will discover new insights about your company's data, and also have the ability to easily share your findings with executives and top management. Learning Power BI is definitely a skill that will help you stand out from the crowd and advance in your career.

My Exclusive Bonus

To share in all the excitement around learning this new tool, I created an online mini-course on Power BI.

It's called The Power BI Dashboards & Data Course. In this course you will learn how to get & transform data from multiple sources and create interactive reports & dashboards in Power BI.

Power BI Dashboards & Data Course Logo 557x316

We walk through how to create an entire dashboard based on a few data sources from a company called Mammoth Mountain Ski Resort.

We bring data into Power BI from the following sources:

  • Historical weather snowfall data from Mammoth's website.
  • Post data from Mammoth's very popular Facebook page.
  • Sales data from Excel.
  • A calendar table with fiscal & calendar year calculations.
  • Geographical data from Google Earth for interactive map visuals.

You will learn how to create relationships between data sets, which allow us to create charts and visualizations that compare data from multiple sources. We analyze trends in weather data, Facebook activity, and sales performance for Mammoth, to gain some pretty interesting insights about their data.

Create Interactive Visualizations in Power BI 640

This mini-course follows my same simple step-by-step approach to learning. Each video is short in length, and focuses on a single topic. We start with a blank Power BI workbook at the beginning of the course, and build the dashboard one step at a time.

The course is a perfect compliment to Mynda's Power BI for Excel Users Coruse. And right now you can get my Power BI Dashboards & Data course for FREE ($49 value) when you enroll in Mynda's course.

You will receive free lifetime access to my course, when you enroll in the Power BI for Excel Users course from MyOnlineTrainingHub. It's like getting two courses for the price of one.

This is the only place you can get this exclusive bonus. Here's how to get the bonus.

  1. Click the link below to view the enrollment page for the Power BI for Excel Users Course from MyOnlineTrainnig Hub.
  2. Register for one of the course packages on that page. It does not matter which one you choose.
  3. Enter the following coupon code at checkout. This lets Mynda know that you registered through my link.
    Discount code: TABS
  4. Email me a copy of your receipt and I will give you free access to my course, Power BI Dashboards & Data.

Click here to register for the Power BI for Excel Users Online Course and get my free exclusive bonus

Note: I know many people have already enrolled in Mynda's course. You get the bonus as well. If you already enrolled, just forward me the email with your receipt (, and I will give you access to my course.

Registration for Mynda's course closes this Thursday, March 2nd at 8 PM Pacific Time, so make sure you get registered today.