Excel Campus Live Webinar: 

Free Training on Pivot Tables


Jon Acampora

What You'll Learn


If you have ever had any of the following questions about pivot tables in Excel, then this free live training is for you!

  - What exactly is a pivot table?
  - How do pivot tables work?  
  - What does each area of the pivot table do?  
  - What is the correct layout and format for the source data?
  - Why should I learn pivot tables and how will they benefit me?


How we can use pivot tables to quickly summarize & analyze data without complex formulas or macros.


What each pivot table area does, and how to eliminate trial & error with building pivot tables.


The most CRITICAL step to using pivot tables.  Hint: it's all about the source data.


Get a chance to ask questions during the live Q&A session.

If you had a question about pivot tables on a job interview, or have tried to use pivot tables but found it's not as easy as it looks, then please join us for this training.

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