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Jon Acampora Circle MVP Profile 2019

Hello and Welcome to Excel Campus!

My name is Jon and I am here to help you learn Excel and VBA.
This site is updated frequently with articles and videos that will help you improve your Excel skills and save you time with your everyday tasks.

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    • Blog Updates – Get notified when a new blog post or video is available.  The blog is updated about once a week with in-depth articles and video tutorials that are full of tips, techniques, and tools to help you become an Excel power user.
    • Exclusive Content – I will also share exclusive content that can't be found on the blog.  This includes tips, tricks, and deals that will help you with your work.
    • Community – Excel Campus is growing fast and receiving more visitors every day.  This means new opportunities to learn from others.  I highlight some of the comments from the blog with things I have learned and hope you will find useful.  It's a chance to learn from everybody.
    • A Chance to be Heard – I have recently become a Microsoft MVP.  This means I am able to communicate your thoughts and ideas directly to the Excel team at Microsoft to help improve the product.  Some of the other MVPs are regular visitors to Excel Campus, and you will have the opportunity to learn from them as well.
    • Access to Me – If you ever have a question, you can reply directly to the emails you receive from me.  I read and respond to all of them.
    • How Often? – You can expect to receive emails from me about once a week, and never more than twice a week.
    • Is it Safe? – Excel Campus Email Newsletter Safety Lock I respect your privacy and you can rest assured that your information is safe.  I will never share your email address or spam you.  You can unsubscribe at any time.

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