Tab Hound & Tab Control for Mac – Now Available!

That’s right Mac users!  The wait is finally over…

The Mac versions of the Tab Hound and Tab Control add-ins are now available.

What’s In The Mac Version?

Tab Hound for Mac Window

The Mac versions of both add-ins have all the same great features as the Windows versions.  These add-ins give you the  power to quickly find worksheets in your workbooks, and perform common everyday tasks with ease.  You will be able to automate many repetitive processes and save a ton of time.

How To Open The Menus

Once you install the add-ins an Excel Campus Toolbar will appear above the Excel window.  This toolbar contains all the buttons to open the Tab Hound window, perform the Flip Back, create a Table of Contents sheets, create the Tab Control sheet, and update the workbook.

Tab Hound and Tab Control Toolbars

You will also notice an XL Campus menu in the top menu.  You can also use this menu to open the tools and perform commands.

Tab Hound and Tab Control Menus

Keyboard Shortcuts

One of the features that makes Tab Hound so fast is the ability to open the Tab Hound window with a keyboard shortcut.  In the videos for the Windows version you saw me open the Tab Hound window with a keyboard shortcut for the Quick Access Toolbar.

Since the Mac version does not have a Quick Access Toolbar, I added a menu that allows you to set your own keyboard shortcuts for the Tab Hound commands.

Tab Hound Keyboard Shortcuts Window

On this menu you can create keyboard shortcuts to:

  • Open the Tab Hound window.
  • Press the Flip Back button – to flip back and forth between two sheets.
  • Create a Table of Contents sheet and add it to the front of your workbook.

This gives you all the same capabilities of the Windows version, and makes it very fast to perform these common actions.

Checkout this video to see how the search feature of Tab Hound makes it so fast and easy to find a worksheet in your workbook.  The video demonstrates the Windows version, but it works the same in the Mac version.


Press the Options button in the Tab Hound window to setup the keyboard shortcuts.

Tab Hound for Mac Window Options Button


If you have not heard about these add-ins yet, please checkout my last three videos on Tab Hound and Tab Control to learn more about all the great features of these tools.  They will save you a lot of time with your everyday tasks.

I am also working on videos for the Mac version.  In the videos on the Tab Hound help page I am using the Windows version, but the functionality is all the same on the Mac version.

How Do I Get The Add-ins?

Please click the following link to jump right to the download section for Tab Hound.

Get Tab Hound for Mac

Please leave a comment below with any questions.  Thank you! 🙂

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Ron Martin - March 30, 2018

I have a Mac/iPad Pro, latest versions – with Office 365 for Mac (Excel 2016). How do I figure out if your add-ins will work. Also, it would help if there was an index or list of what would work in my environment.

Thanks, Ron


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