VBA Training Series – The Summary Report Macro (Part 2 of 3)

Macros & VBA Training Series Part 2:

Automate Excel: How to Use Loops to Create a Summary Report

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Download the file used in this video:

The Summary Report Macro - Practice.xlsm (114.8 KB)

The Summary Report Macro - Solution.xlsm (128.5 KB)

Macros & VBA Training Series

Video 1

Intro to VBA:
Writing Your First Macro

Video 2

Automating Tasks:
The Summary Report

Video 3

The Exports Sheets App
Coming Soon!

How can we automate this process further?

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  • Thank you for such great tutorials. Q: Is there a code you can write to exclude certain worksheets in a workbook when creating a Summary worksheet?

  • a very instructive and helpful video, made of professionals. Thank you a lot, excel campus is reinforcing my will to learn more and more about excel. I believe through systematic training that can improve tremendously excel knowledge and handling data and financial worksheets skills

  • I’m loving these videos. The way you explain macros is so helpful. I’ve taken many classes but they usually go to fast or assume you understand what a loop, a string, workbook, worksheet, range, etc already is. Thanks for explaining what each is and how they work.
    I use excel in all my jobs and the various places I volunteer. Where I volunteer I have been implementing Macros so that the other volunteers can easily run reports without having to know or understand excel. (A long slow process for a beginner, but a great learning experience)
    I work in a workbook that generates and names a new sheet each week. All the information is entered on this sheet. To make it easy for all volunteers we have the reports at the bottom of the spreadsheet, so they don’t have to navigate back and forth between numerous sheets. The reports are run by macros. Each part contains a loop. One that takes info from last 4 sheets and calculates the info. One that takes the info from the last 52 sheets and calculates the info.
    They have a couple bugs i am still trying to work out but I’m getting there.
    However, our supervisor wants one more piece of info. He wants the info from the first sheet of the current year (sheets are named with dates each week = m/d/yy) to the current sheet. So one week it would be 5 sheets the next week 6 sheets up to 52 sheets, when it would start over at 1. I can not figure out how to word the loop so it begins on sheet the first sheet of January of the current year through to the current sheet. How would I do this? It seems like there should be a way to do just about everything in excel.