Macros & VBA Training Series Part 1:

Writing Your First Macro & The Excel Object Model

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Macros & VBA Training Series
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The video above is the first in a 3-part training series. Can I send you the next two videos?

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Video 1

Intro to VBA:
Writing Your First Macro

Video 2

Automating Tasks:
The Summary Report

Video 3

The Exports Sheets App

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Welcome to Excel Campus!  I am excited you are here!

My name is Jon Acampora and my goal is to help you learn Excel to save time with your job and advance in your career.  I've been an avid Excel user and VBA developer for 10+ years.  I am also a Microsoft MVP.  When I'm not looking at spreadsheets, I get outdoors and surf. 🙂

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Rana - October 13, 2018

Dear Sir, when I watch this video and at least able to create My First Macro File. I notice that there is a file (VBAProject(EC_Tab_Hound.xlam) I tried to create im my file but I coudn’t find xlam extention. So I need your advise.

Laki - October 3, 2018

Dear Jon,

When you will send me a new video?

Thank you in advance,

Joel Klein - October 2, 2018

Hey Jon,
I was able to boss to spring for the VBA for Excel course. They went to register me today and found that enrollment was closed. Please let me know when the next class is scheduled and/or what are my options.


Ron - October 1, 2018

Hello Jon, I would like to automate the posting of values from a FTP server to an excel report.
The values are : Date, Time, and Gallons, and the server creates .CSV files with this information.
The gallons value is a process reading automatically updated once a day, it needs to be recorded and
stored, therefore the next days reading must increment to the next row of cells and so on.
At the end of the week a new worksheet must be opened, and the process repeated with a new work
sheet every week, for 52 weeks.
I’ve experimented using the Windows scheduler to trigger a .VBS file from a .bat file which runs a Macro
in order to email the report, and that works well, but does not complete the requirements for whole
process, as you can see.
Any recommendation would be greatly appreciated. By the way I have had a VBA course in the past but
it was probably in 2005 or so , mostly dim awareness at this point, as I haven’t used it.
Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

JOHN - September 30, 2018

Jon for some reason today when I tried to download the second free video I get a thing that says javascript but doesn’t download Any ideas why this is happening Thank you


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