3 Tips for Printing Excel Sheets

Excel Bad Habit #13: Failing to Format Excel Sheets for Printing

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Any time you send someone a worksheet, it's a good idea to send it printer-ready. Here are three quick tips for making sure your sheets don't print wonky!

1. Use a preview to see how the sheet will print.

You can use either the Page Break Preview or Page Layout. Both are found on the View tab.

Page Break Preview
Page Layout

Both of these view modes will allow you to see how the pages will print. You can also find these buttons in the bottom right corner of the application window.

2. Change Page Width to 1 Page.

If you want your report to print so that it is only one page wide, you can change this setting on the Page Layout tab.

Choose One Page on Page Layout Tab

3. Adjust the Break Lines Manually

If your page breaks land in weird places, you can manually move them in Page Break Preview mode. Just click and drag the dotted lines to where you want them to be for printing.

Click and drag break lines in Page Break Preview Mode.

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