The Power BI

Data  & Dashboards Course

Learn how to Get & Transform Data to Prepare Interactive Dashboards with Power BI.

What do we do with all this data?

We now live in a world of data.

Just about every action we take in our daily lives is recorded. Activities like taking a walk with our Fitbit, checking Facebook, replying to email, navigating with our phone, and shopping online all create data.

We are responsible for creating enormous amounts of data every day. The companies we work for also create tons and tons of data. We have data about customers, vendors, competitors, employees, finances, and more.

We typically have more data than we know what to do with. It might feel like a good problem to have, but all this abundance can be overwhelming.

So, what do we do with all this data?

Power BI to the Rescue

Microsoft has created one of the coolest business intelligence tools for working with data. This tool is called Power BI, and it is revolutionizing the way we think about data.

Power BI Enables Us To...
  1. Bring data together from multiple sources including Excel, databases (SQL, Oracle, SAP, Salesforce, Dynamics, Facebook, etc.), the web, and more.
  2. Clean and transform the data to create relationships between data tables.
  3. Create interactive reports and dashboards that are accessible on any device including computers, phones, tablets, and even Apple Watch.


Who is this is course for?

This course is for the beginner to intermediate Power BI user that wants to learn new ways to transform, analyze, and visualize data from multiple sources. 

Power BI is also a great tool for sharing our reports. We can upload our reports to the PowerBI service so anyone can access them from the web. If you are currently stuck in a process of emailing Excel and PowerPoint files on a periodic basis, then Power BI can help eliminate some of these manual processes.

Experience with Excel, Power Query, or Power Pivot is NOT required for this course, but you will find some of the concepts easier to understand if you have experience with these tools.

We start with a blank Power BI workbook and build an entire model, step-by-step, so you should be able to follow along regardless of your experience level.

Power BI Dashboards & Data Course

The Power BI Dashboards & Data Course

The course is comprised of 6 training modules. Each module contains 6 to 10 short videos on the topic:


1. Get & Transform Data from the Web

In this first module, I explain how to get snowfall history data from Mammoth Mountain's website. You will learn how to:

  • Get data from a web page and bring it into Power BI.
  • Work with different data types (text, numbers, dates).
  • Unpivot or transpose data into a tabular format.
  • Convert text strings to dates.


2. Create Calendar Tables & Relationships

 In this module, I explain how to create a calendar table in Power BI. I also explain how to create the table based on a Fiscal Calendar. 


3. Get & Transform Facebook Data

In this module, you will learn how to:

  • Get data from any Facebook page and bring it into Power BI
  • Analyze the table that contains Facebook posts.
  • Parse/extract dates and times from strings.
  • Create relationships to the Calendar table.
  • Filter data before loading to improve query performance.
  • Analyze Facebook shares and likes data with visualizations.


4. Get & Transform Excel Data

In this module, I explain how to prepare the data in Excel to bring it into Power BI.


5. Create Visualizations & Dashboards

In this module, I explain how to create different visualizations (charts & graphs) in the Power BI Desktop editor. We look at how to create a chart that compares data from different sources (tables). We also learn how to publish our reports to to create interactive dashboards.


6. Intro to DAX Measures (Advanced Calculations)

In this module, we'll learn about DAX. This module also contains a fun challenge assignment for you to recreate a visual from a magazine article.

A Data Analyst's Dream 

As Excel users, we are fortunate to be living through this revolution. Thousands of companies have already started adopting Power BI as their business intelligence solution.

Power BI uses Excel technologies we are familiar with like Power Query and PowerPivot. It combines these awesome tools and adds an incredible charting and visualization layer on top. This provides a beautiful interactive experience for the end-user to discover new insights about our data.

The best part is that Power BI is absolutely FREE.

Step-by-step Power Query Training Made Easy

  • I use my simple step-by-step training method in this course to make it easy to learn and follow along. 
  • You will be able to watch the videos and build your own files.
  • These are online courses, so you can watch and re-watch the videos anytime you'd like, from any device with an internet connection. 
  • You can also download the videos for offline viewing using our app.
  • The courses are comprised of short video lessons that are each about 5 minutes in length. This makes it easy to watch a video on a single topic and practice what you learn.
  • Each video lesson page in the course contains a comments section, so you can ask questions about the lesson. 


You'll get lifetime access to our course content plus our awesome Excel Campus bonuses.

Bonus 1: Power BI Companion Files

You will be able to download all the Power BI Desktop (.pbix) files I use throughout the course. You can also start from a blank workbook, and follow along to build out your own reports and dashboards. The companion files make it easy to check and compare your work.

Bonus 2: Case Studies & Advanced Techniques

Learn advanced techniques and apply your knowledge to real-life case studies. 

Bonus 3: The Best Course Site

Complimentary use of our e-learning platform, which tracks your progress and awards certificates. 

What Others Have To Say About Excel Campus Training...

Kristen Corbler

IT Project Coordinator and Data Analyst

The training gave me the confidence I needed to get in there and start working...

And also the very specific skills that I needed to finish my project. I love that the training [lessons] are bite-sized so I can go in and learn what I need to know and stay on track with my deadlines.

Grant Bagby

Excel Hero

I am now the Excel expert in the office...

And have already increased my earnings well beyond the cost of my investment. Your trainings have helped me learn so much and cement the skills I’ve gained. 

Charlotte Goodenow

Data Analyst

You and Excel have brought me out of the shadows and are helping me get recognized for the problem solver I have always been.

I'm not just that analyst sitting in the corner crunching numbers anymore. I am, I have always been…a problem solver. 

About Your Instructor | Microsoft MVP

Hi, my name is Jon Acampora and I am your instructor for this course.
I have been using Excel for over 10 years as a financial analyst and systems developer. Over that time I have become passionate about learning Excel and finding the fastest and most efficient ways to accomplish a task.

I have been awarded the Microsoft MVP Award for my contributions to the Excel community and for helping others learn.

More than anything, I really enjoy teaching you these skills and techniques to help you work efficiently and get your job done faster! I am always happy to help answer questions, and I'm here to support you on your journey to learn Excel.

Savings of over $1,000...

The contents of this course are valued at over $1,500 but today you can get it for only $397.

There's no risk with my 30-day Money-Back Guarantee

My goal is to help you learn Power Query so you can use your time more productively (instead of wasting it on tedious data preparation). These skills will allow you to easily maximize efficiency at your organization, and help you gain exposure to top management.

I want you to love this course and use it as a resource for continued learning. If you take the course and are not satisfied with what you learned, you can get a full refund.


The Free Power BI Application

The Power BI Desktop Application is a free download from Microsoft.  It is currently available for Windows and should work on any PC. 

There is also a paid version called Power BI Pro that includes more advanced sharing and collaboration features. 

However, you only need the free version of Power BI for the lessons in this course.

Which version of Excel do I need?

For Power BI you don't technically need Excel at all. It is a standalone application for Windows.

One of the reasons Microsoft made Power BI a stand-alone application is so that you don't need to wait until your company updates Office/Excel to start using it.

With that said, you can publish your Excel reports to Power BI using the Power BI Publisher Add-in from Microsoft. The add-in works on Excel 2007 and later (including Office 365 for Windows). You do NOT need this add-in to use Power BI, it can just make some processes easier if you already have reports built in Excel.

Do I need to know Power Query and Power Pivot before starting this course?

No. The course covers how to use these tools within the Power BI application.

Power BI uses Power Query and Power Pivot, just like Excel. So the menus and editors will look familiar if you have used these tools in Excel.

If you haven't used the Power tools yet, then this course will be a great introduction. You will also be able to apply the skills and techniques from the course to Excel.

How long is the course?

The course is just over 5 hours of video in total.  This is divided up into categories (modules) and lessons.  Each video lesson is short, about 5-10 minutes in length. 

Become the MVP of Your Data-Driven Organization