Jumpstart Your Career with Power Query

Learn the 5 Most Important Power Query Skills for Data Analysis Without Feeling Overwhelmed.

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by data? 

Are you tired of wasting your time on collecting, organizing, and cleansing data?

You're constantly prioritizing work that is not only boring, but also time consuming AND prone to errors.

And if you dedicate even a few hours to calculating, visualizing, or presenting your findings...you inevitably come back to a mountain of new data.  

You can never catch up, and it feels like you're drowning in data. 

Stress is at an all-time high, and you're feeling overwhelmed. 

But what if you could eliminate the grunt work and focus on meaningful data analysis instead?

What if there was a way to automate repetitive tasks, and free up valuable time for impactful decision-making?

Your productivity and job satisfaction are at stake.

Every second spent on manual data preparation is a minute lost on valuable analysis and decision-making.

And while, like me, you may feel...

❌ Reluctant to make dramatic changes to your workflow.

❌ Skeptical that a single tool can transform you from an overworked analyst into a thriving professional. 

❌ Nervous about presenting changes to management and facing resistance.

You KNOW that you're desperate to avoid burnout.

And tired of sacrificing your evenings and weekends to playing catch-up at work.

So you're committed to making a change, and that change is learning Power Query.

It's Time to Jumpstart Your Excel Skills.

I went from disposable to irreplaceableand I want to help you do the same. 

I spent years learning to write macros just to automate my data cleanup tasks.

It was a painstaking process that required a lot of coding knowledge and time. But then, I discovered Power Query. 

With Power Query, I was able to automate all my data preparation tasks without writing a single line of code.

 Just by pushing buttons, I could streamline complex data tasks in a fraction of the time.

Like me, you can automate your way through countless promotions, and learn how to manage your data more efficiently than ever before.

And I want to show you how.

Savings have been in excess of $500K

Sherrie Fox

Sr. Business Analyst

Imagine saving over $500,000 for your company just by implementing Power Query.

Our students have done it.

Take Sherrie, a Business Analyst and Excel Campus student, who has saved in excess of $500,000 for her company since learning Power Query (and more than 8,000 hours of tedious, manual work).

By Mastering Power Query, You Will...

  • Say goodbye to boring, repetitive, manual tasks.
  • Lighten your workload and free up time for promotion-worthy work.
  • Increase efficiency in the workplace and help you company's bottom line.
  • End the cycle of working outside of office hours (overtime) to get everything done.

Most importantly, you’ll be happier.

Not only will you become the go-to Excel expert in your company — thereby making yourself utterly essential — you’ll also improve your future job prospects and chances for promotion.

If you want to grow in your career, boost your morale, and have a more efficient workday, it’s time to change your workflow with Power Query.

You're Invited to Join Power Query Jumpstart.

The Power Query masterclass you need to become a better data analyst.

With Power Query You Can...

Extract and import data 

No more boring, repetitive tasks: using Power Query you can extract data from a range of external sources without making changes to the source data. 

Transform Data More Consistently

Using transformations, you can perform both complex tasks and simple, such as removing columns or filtering rows. 

Cleanse and prepare data

With Power Query, you can combine/stack (append) or join (merge) data sets, group & summarize (Pivot), and load data into storage with a few, quick clicks.

If Our Other Students Can Achieve These Incredible Results with Power Query, Then You Can Too.

Kristen Corbler

IT Project Coordinator and Data Analyst

The training gave me the confidence I needed to get in there and start working...

And also the very specific skills that I needed to finish my project. 

Grant Bagby

Excel Hero

I am now the Excel expert in the office...

And have already increased my earnings well beyond the cost of my investmentYour trainings have helped me learn so much and cement the skills I’ve gained. 

Charlotte Goodenow

Data Analyst

You and Excel have brought me out of the shadows and are helping me get recognized for the problem solver I have always been.

So, What's Included? 

Your Power Query Jumpstart course includes 6 core training lessons (valued at $595) plus TONS of free bonus content for just $37


1. Intro to Power Query

In this lesson, you'll discover how Power Query can streamline your workflow, freeing up 80% of your time (previously spent on repetitive tasks).

No more coding hassles – automate and cleanse your data effortlessly with Power Query. Our mission? To minimize boring work and maximize impact, empowering you to focus on producing results that can push your career forward. 


2. Basic Transformations

In this lesson, we'll explore how to effectively manage data right from your worksheet, demystifying the Power Query window along the way.

Learn how to streamline your data by removing unnecessary columns, filling down, and effortlessly splitting text. Take your analysis further by performing calculations, and mastering the art of closing and loading your transformed data.


3. Combining Files

In this lesson, we cover how to seamlessly combine or stack data sets using the Append function in Power Query, a vital skill for any data professional.

Dive into the process of retrieving data from folders, cleaning it up with precision, and effortlessly outputting it to Excel for seamless analysis. But wait, there's more – discover how these techniques extend beyond Excel, as you explore integrations with various data sources and databases.


4. Automation and the Magical Donut

Ever wonder what happens when new data arrives? With our automated system, we'll show you how to simply drop a CSV file into the designated folder, and voila – it seamlessly integrates into your transformations and output. 

Just like the automated donut-making process at Krispy Kreme, our system refreshes effortlessly, ensuring your data is always up-to-date and ready for analysis. And we'll show you to how to build your own! 


5. Replacing VLOOKUP

Say goodbye to the days of VLOOKUP headaches and hello to seamless data merging with Power Query!

In this lesson, we'll explore how Merge, a powerful feature of Power Query, replaces the need for VLOOKUP by simplifying data matching without the need for complex formulas. 

Discover the basics of joining data sets and witness the magic of Merge in action. But that's not all – we'll also look into more advanced techniques, such as anti-joins, and show you how Power Query can elevate your data merging game to a whole new level.


6. What’s next

Get ready to explore a world of possibilities beyond the basics as we delve into additional transformations like conditional columns, dates, and more.

We'll also dive deeper into our "Modern Excel Blueprint", unlocking new levels of efficiency and impact in your wokrk.

But Wait, There's More!

For just $37, you'll get lifetime access to our course content PLUS our awesome Excel Campus bonuses worth over $1,250.

Bonus 1: 

Secrets for Implementing Power Query - Facing the Resistance (Valued at $250)

Get my tried and tested strategies for fighting objections in the workplace (from management and coworkers) as you implement the transformational changes you learned in the Power Query Jumpstart course. 

Bonus 2:

Excel Tables Secrets (Valued at $250)

Learn how to use Pivot Tables and Dashboards to present your new data more effectively. 

Bonus 3:

Crash Course on Excel Dashboards (Valued at $250)

Now that you're a Power Query Pro, learn advanced techniques and apply your knowledge to real-life case studies. 

Bonus 4: 

MVP Tips & Tricks (Valued at $250)

Get exclusive access to our Microsoft MVP tips, shortcuts, and hacks for Power Query. 

Bonus 5: 

The Best Course Site (Valued at $250)

Complimentary use of our e-learning platform, which tracks your progress and awards certificates. 

Total Bonus Value: $1,250 FREE with your $37 purchase

It's Step-by-step Power Query Training Made Easy.

My bite-sized lessons are perfect for the busy professional who doesn't have time to waste on boring, expensive, in-person seminars. 

This course is self-paced, and designed to take you from beginner to advanced Power Query user through simple, concise, and on-demand training.

Each lesson is 5-10 minutes in length, and can be watched from any device with internet connection (including our mobile app). 

Plus, you'll get exclusive access to lesson comment sections for questions and networking opportunities. 

About Your Instructor, Microsoft MVP.

My name is Jon Acampora and I am your instructor for this course.

I have been using Excel for over 15 years as a financial analyst and systems developer.

Over that time I have become passionate about learning Excel and finding the fastest and most efficient ways to accomplish a task.

I have been awarded the Microsoft MVP Award for my contributions to the Excel community and for helping others learn.

My courses are trusted by thousands of students, including: 

You Have My Guarantee.

My goal is to help you learn Power Query so you can use your time more productively (instead of wasting it on tedious data preparation).

These skills will allow you to easily maximize efficiency at your organization, and help you gain exposure to top management. But if they don't? You get your money back. No questions asked. 


Do I need to know Power BI and Power Pivot before starting this course?


If you haven't used the Power tools yet, then this course will be a great introduction.  You will also be able to apply the skills and techniques from the course to Excel.

How Do I Download Power Query?

For Excel 2016 for Windows and later, and Microsoft 365 for Windows or Mac, Power Query is built into Excel and found on the Data tab.

If you're still on Excel 2010 or 2013, The Power Query Desktop Add-in is a free download from Microsoft.

Which version of Excel do I need?

You will need Excel 2010 or newer for Windows or M365 for Mac.

The Mac version of Excel is a bit more limited on features but Microsoft is working on rolling more features. If you're on Mac you can also use Parallels or Boot Camp to run Windows.

Please note: Microsoft is no longer updating Power Query for Excel 2010/2013, however, we do our best to create content suited to all versions of Excel. 

Become the MVP of Your Data-Driven Organization.