PivotPal Beta

PivotPal Will Change How You Work With Pivot Tables

The PivotPal Add-in for Excel is designed to make it very fast and easy to work with your Pivot Tables.

PivotPal is packed with features that will help you quickly build Pivot Tables, and save time with common tasks.

PivotPal Window Features Overview

Why PivotPal?

The Pivot Table is an amazing tool for summarizing and analyzing large amounts of data.  But building a Pivot Table can often be slow and time consuming.  The built-in field list can be difficult to work with when the data set contains tens or hundreds of fields.

PivotPal solves many of these common problems, and also allows you to build a Pivot Table while viewing your sourced data.

PivotPal Window vs Excel Built-in Field List - ExcelCampus


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