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Learn how to create pie charts, the two types of stories they tell, and when NOT to use them...

As a data analyst, it can be confusing knowing when or how to use data visualization tools... 

Let's face it: data visualization is confusing. There are so many theories and principles surrounding this topic...and in the world of data visualization, nothing is more confusing than the elusive Pie Chart. 

For one, Pie Charts are controversial. Some people love them, some people hate them. We fall into the "love them" camp, but this isn't unconditional love. There are nuances to Pie Charts, common mistakes to avoid, and scenarios where they are NOT the best tool to use. 

If you're not a highly experienced data analyst, or even if you are, knowing when to use them can be stressful.

And worse yet, knowing how to format them correctly or what critical mistakes to avoid can mean the difference between a promotion-worthy presentation or a LOT of confusion. 

So, how do you learn the ins and outs of Pie Charts? Including the alternatives available and WHEN these tools are best implemented..?

The Pie Chart Pro Mini Course & eBook

Introducing the Pie Charts Pro Mini Course and eBook by Excel Campus! This is a content-packed course intended to help you learn why, when, and how to use Pie Charts in the context of data visualization. 

The course contains 7, easy-to-digest video lessons PLUS a downloadable PDF eBook. Once you complete this course, you will be a fully-fledged Pie Chart Pro. 

Enroll now! This is a LIMITED time offer.

Why Learn Pie Charts?

After you register for the Pie Charts Pro Course, you will receive immediate access to our Excel Campus Learn Site and course content. The course should take about an hour to complete, and the intention is to help you on your data visualization journey by mastering Pie Charts. 

Simplify Data

Presenting data to teams outside of your specialization can be frustrating (and time-consuming). With the help of the Pie Charts Pro course, you'll learn how to present data in a simple, easy-to-understand way. 

Get Noticed 

Effective Data Visualization can mean the difference between a promotion-worthy presentation and a lot of confusion. With the help of our Pro Course, you'll understand how and when to implement this tool. 

Save Time

Stop scouring the internet for Pie Chart tips, and become a Pie Chart "pro" with our mini course. You can also use the accompanying eBook as a reference for future projects, which will save you TONS of time. 

Elevate Your Excel Skills

Data visualization is an important principle and a big part of your Excel journey. By mastering Pie Charts, you'll become proficient in yet another area of Microsoft Excel and one step closer to being an Excel "hero." 


Free bonuses included with your purchase

Bonus 1
Downloadable Files

By registering, you will receive instant access to our downloadable files so you can follow along with the video lessons and build your own Pie Charts. 

Bonus 2
Exclusive Tips

Get exclusive access to our Microsoft MVP tips, shortcuts, and hacks for becoming a Pie Chart Pro!

Compare Pie Chart Slices by Stacking Shapes
Bonus 3
The Best Course Site

Complimentary use of our e-learning platform, which tracks your progress and awards certificates.

About Your Instructor,
(Jon Acampora, Microsoft MVP)

Hi, my name is Jon Acampora and I am your instructor for this course.
I have been using Excel for over 10 years as a financial analyst and systems developer. Over that time I have become passionate about learning Excel and finding the fastest and most efficient ways to accomplish a task.

I have been awarded the Microsoft MVP Award for my contributions to the Excel community and for helping others learn.

More than anything, I really enjoy teaching you these skills and techniques to help you work efficiently and get your job done faster! I am always happy to help answer questions, and I'm here to support you on your journey to learn Excel (and impress your boss).

Jon Acampora Profile 2019

Here’s what people are saying about Excel Campus courses...

Here's what other Excel customers are saying about their experience with Excel Campus and our step-by-step training programs. 

Kristen Corbler

IT Project Coordinator and Data Analyst

The training gave me the confidence I needed to get in there and start working...

And also the very specific skills that I needed to finish my project. I love that the training [lessons] are bite-sized so I can go in and learn what I need to know and stay on track with my deadlines.

Grant Bagby

Data analyst

I am now the Excel expert in the office...

And have already increased my earnings well beyond the cost of my investment. Your trainings have helped me learn so much and cement the skills I’ve gained. 

Charlotte Goodenow

Data Analyst

You and Excel have brought me out of the shadows 

I'm not just that analyst sitting in the corner crunching numbers anymore. I am, I have always been…a problem solver. 

Step-by-step Training Made Easy

The Pie Chart Pro Course is valued at over $250, but today, we want to make the training available to you for a fraction of the price. Our course uses our signature Step-by-step teaching technique and is a fully online course, so you can watch and re-watch the videos anytime you'd like, from any device with an internet connection. 

The course is comprised of short video lessons that are each about 5 minutes in length. This makes it easy to watch a video on a single topic and practice what you learn. Each video lesson page in the course contains a comments section, so you can ask questions about the lesson.

Special Offer


Lifetime Access to video training

A comprehensive PDF eBook

$100+ worth of bonuses 

A shareable certificate of completion

Excel Campus Money Back Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 30-Days

My goal is to help you learn Pie Charts so you can use your time more productively (instead of wasting it on tedious data preparation). These skills will allow you to easily maximize efficiency at your organization, and help you gain exposure to top management.

I want you to love this course and use it as a resource for continued learning. If you take the course and are not satisfied with what you learned, you can get a full refund.

My mission is simple...

Here at Excel Campus, our mission is to empower people with skills to save time with their jobs and advance in their careers. All of my training was developed with this objective in mind, and the Pie Charts Pro Course, like all my other courses, is a course designed to help you succeed. I can't wait to join you on your Excel journey.

Get one step closer to mastering data visualization.

The Pie Charts Pro Mini Course is an invaluable resource in helping you present data in a clear, compelling way. 

Excel Campus

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