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Automatic Default Number Formatting in Excel Pivot Tables

Bottom line: Save tons of time by automatically formatting the numbers in the Values area of your pivot tables with a VBA macro.  Number formatting is automatically applied when you drag a field into the Values area in one single step.Skill level: Intermediate [...]

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The Calendar Table (Date Dimension) Explained for Power Pivot & Power BI

Bottom line: In this post we will learn what a Calendar Table or Date Dimension Table is, and how we can use it to create pivot table reports on multiple data sources.Skill level: Intermediate[...]

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Reverse Partial Match Lookup to Filter for a List in Excel

Bottom line: Learn how to filter for a list of items using a reverse partial match lookup.Skill level: Intermediate[...]

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2 Ways to Filter for List of Items in Excel + Video Tutorial

Bottom line: Learn 2 ways to filter for a list of multiple items in Excel in this article and video tutorial.Skill level: Beginner[...]

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