Go from expendable to indispensable by becoming your company's go-to Excel Hero.

Use Excel more efficiently and confidently, no matter your experience!

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Every day, you're spending hours in Microsoft Excel.


It feels like there has to be a more efficient way to use this software. You know it has the capability to eliminate repetitive tasks and create complex reports at the drop of a hat. But you haven’t had time to fully dig in.

You want more than a few tips and tricks. Your workload isn’t letting up anytime soon, and to get it done, it seems like you need to invent more hours in the day.

Does this sound familiar?

  • You're overwhelmed by how complicated Excel seems to be. Every time you master a new skill, there are 10 more to learn.
  • Too much of your time is spent manually entering, formatting, or preparing data. You suspect there's a faster way to go about it.
  • All too often, you spend your lunch breaks, evenings, and weekends catching up on work and trying to meet deadlines.
  • You feel stuck (and bored) doing the same repetitive tasks and producing the same reports every week, month, quarter.
  • Because you don't know as much about Excel as you'd like to, you're often uncertain of what you produce. What if you pass along inaccurate information to your team?
  • Every time you start to catch your breath, there's another deadline looming. It feels impossible to get ahead of the curve.
  • Most of all, you're frustrated with your job. But maybe you could actually enjoy your work, if only you could get Excel to work for you.

Truth be told, you're on the path to Excel burnout... Or you're already there.

You know you need to up your Excel game.

If you can relate, then our comprehensive training package is exactly what you need.

Here's what you'll get: 

15+ Beginner to Advanced Level Courses

Hours of bite-sized video training, including our core courses, deep learning courses, and case studies.

Custom Learning Platform + Mobile App

Access to our self-paced, custom learning platform as well as our newly released mobile app.

Practice Files + Downloads

Practice, companion files, and guides available for each video lesson, so you can follow along as you learn. 

Community Forum + Monthly Live Q&A

Access to our moderated community forum and monthly Q&A sessions hosted by Jon Acampora (Microsoft MVP).

“Before I started this training, I was avoiding some advanced Excel tools like the plague. I am now the Excel expert in the office and have already increased my earnings well beyond the cost of my investment. Your trainings have helped me learn so much and cement the skills I’ve gained.”

Grant Bagby

Senior Financial Analyst

The problem isn't your discomfort with Excel.

When you spend so much time struggling with Excel, you're costing yourself, big time. You'll be forever stuck in the data monkey role, your team will struggle to understand your contributions, and you'll be seen as an expendable resource.

The problem is you've never had the right kind of support on your journey to learn Excel.

Regardless of your field, odds are you were thrown into an Excel-heavy job with little to no training. You were simply expected to hit the ground running and figure it out as you went.

All the training videos and how-to guides on the planet haven't helped you catch up. You're drowning in formulas, pivot tables, and spreadsheets. And it's got to stop.

It’s time to go from expendable to essential.

There’s no doubt about it: Excel is powerful. It allows you to analyze data, automate tasks, generate reports, and so much more. There’s no other program like it.

And if only you could become more confident using its capabilities, it could turn your job around — elevating you into an irreplaceable member of the team.

When you learn how to use Excel to finish your work quickly, easily, efficiently, you’ll do more than save time (or the hair that you’ve been pulling out in frustration).

Improve your job performance so you can spend more time doing what you enjoy.

Improve your job performance so you can spend more time doing what you enjoy.

Help your company make informed, data-driven decisions that allow it to grow.

Break down business silos by helping other departments speak a common language, and by becoming an even more essential team member.

End the cycle of working outside of office hours (overtime) to get everything done.

Your day-to-day drudgery will change dramatically. 

Most importantly, you’ll be happier. Not only will you become the go-to Excel expert in your company — thereby making yourself utterly essential — you’ll also improve your future job prospects and chances for promotion.

(In fact, 68 percent of employers are looking for strong analytical and quantitative skills, and 83 percent are seeking problem-solving skills in their hires. Mastering Excel will give you both.)

If you want to grow in your career, boost your morale, and have a more efficient workday, it’s time to change how you’re learning to use Excel.

You’re invited to join Elevate Excel.

The training program designed to turn you into an Excel master,
regardless of your current experience level.

The training program is designed to turn you into an Excel master,
regardless of your current experience level.

Say goodbye to confusing one-off trainings, because Elevate Excel curates a learning path specific to you. That means you won't ever be overwhelmed by information. Instead, you'll be guided through lessons that build upon your existing knowledge and help you feel more confident.

Whether you're just learning how to use the software or are looking for guidance with highly advanced topics, this is the training program for you.

Trusted by: 

How does it work?

When you first join, you’ll discover your current
Excel skill level and receive a customized roadmap.



You’re new to Excel, and you’re feeling overwhelmed. It’s big, it’s complex, and you need to figure out how it works fast. You’re a Rookie, and the sky’s the limit!

You’ll learn how to:

  • Navigate Excel and use its shortcuts, so you can get around quickly and perform common tasks like copy/paste.
  • Create basic formulas, apply number formatting, absolute references, modifying rows & columns, and working with multiple sheets.



Create basic formulas, apply number formatting, absolute references, modifying rows & columns, and working with multiple sheets.

  • Becoming a data prep whiz, so you can filter & analyze it quickly, and create financial models.
  • Discovering how to construct common formulas with vlookup, index, match, if statements, text, dates, and much more.



Excel is familiar for you, and you know a lot of tips and tricks already. But your reports are getting more complex, and you need to keep up. You’re a Senior, and you need the Excel skills that will allow you to find trends and share your analyses. You’ll uncover how:

  • Conditional formatting and advanced formulas can bring life to your reports and make them easier to read.
  • To create interactive charts and dashboards that make data-driven business decisions quick and easy.



Some may call you an Excel ninja, and you’re definitely highly knowledgeable. And yet you know there are even better ways to automate your data processes. You’re an Expert, and it’s time to become an indispensable power user by making use of tools like:

  • Some may call you an Excel ninja, and you’re definitely highly knowledgeable. And yet you know there are even better ways to automate your data processes. You’re an Expert, and it’s time to become an indispensable power user by making use of tools like:
  • Power Pivot, so you can import millions of rows of data, identify relationships, and take your pivot tables to the next level.
  • DAX formulas & CUBE functions for flexible and dynamic reports.



By honing your knowledge even further, you’ll become a true guru of efficiency, and you’ll be able to provide assistance and mentorship to others as the go-to Excel person in your office. You’re a Master, and you’re ready to take your understanding of Excel to an art form. You’ll unleash the true power of Excel with:

  • Macros & VBA which will help you eliminate repetitive tasks performed in Excel and allow your colleagues to run real-time reports for up-to-date information.
  • Automate all aspects of Excel to save tons of time and make Excel easier for others to use.
  • Unlock your problem solving skills and add fun & creative work to your job.

Once you know your current skill level and next steps, you’ll receive access to Detailed Video Training

The step-by-step Elevate Excel tutorials will help you advance your Excel competency, so you can build upon your existing skills. Training includes video lessons (screen cast videos), handouts, cheat sheets, and other resources. They cover topics such as...



navigation and shortcuts


conditional formatting


data preparation and analysis


data tables




Case Studies and Q&A Sessions

To see Excel in action and get feedback on your questions, Elevate Excel includes recorded case studies and Q&A sessions. If you can’t make it to the live online event, a recording will be made available.

Community Forum

Learning is best done when fully supported. That’s why you’ll get access to the Elevate Excel Community Forum, where you’ll be able to get feedback on your questions from community members and facilitators.

Certificate of Completion

Demonstrate your progress to your supervisor, team, and the whole world — not just through your new skills, but through the Certificate of Completion you can hang in your office and share on your LinkedIn profile.

“Thanks to you, I have slayed the Excel dragon and have been simplifying my work. Knowing this information saves me hours each month through increased proficiency and efficiency.”

Albino Castro

Elevate Excel Member

Brought to you by an Excel success story.

I’m Jon Acampora,
creator of Elevate Excel, presented by Excel Campus.

Before I founded Excel Campus, I spent over a decade using Excel all-day-every-day in corporate finance and systems analysis roles.

My knowledge helped me become hyper-efficient. I regularly completed my weekly tasks in 40 hours, while many of my colleagues in the same role were stuck at their computers 60 to 80 hours each week.

Excel mastery made me truly essential to my company. I became known as the go-to Excel guy and was a resource everyone relied on. When my company moved many of its jobs overseas, my position gave me the job security and freedom to continue working from home. Bye bye, commute!

In 2010, I started Excel Campus because I wanted to teach others to maximize the software that had opened so many doors to me. Over the years, I’ve taught millions through the Excel Campus blog, YouTube channel, and online courses. Every day, over 38,000 people visit our site and watch my training videos.

I’ve been recognized with Microsoft’s Most Valuable Professional (MVP) Award thanks to my commitment to sharing my knowledge and helping others learn.

Jon Acampora Profile
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And now it’s your turn to step up your Excel knowledge, so you can become a MVP within your career.

Become the Excel expert in your office, just like these happy members of our programs.

Charlotte Goodenow

Reliability Analyst and Technical Associate

I'm not just that analyst sitting in the corner crunching numbers anymore.

I am, I have always been…a problem solver. You and Excel have brought me out of the shadows and are helping me get recognized for the problem solver I have always been.

Kristen Corbler

 IT Project Coordinator and Data Analyst

The training gave me the confidence I needed to get in there and start working

And also the very specific skills that I needed to finish my project. love that the training [lessons] are bite-sized so I can go in and learn what I need to know and stay on track with my deadlines.

Sam Sammilo

Manufacturing Engineer 

What you’ve taught me has taken away 40 to 60 percent of the stress that I deal with in my job.

My old general manager brought me to meet my new general manager and said, ‘If you ever have any Excel issues, this is the man to talk to.’ That kind of recognition would not have happened if I didn’t enroll in your training. Through what I’ve learned, my company has reduced the amount of time it takes to produce one department’s schedule by 30 minutes a day. Fully automated, this accomplishment pays off with a $1,200 savings for my company every month.

Is Elevate Excel for you?

Elevate Excel is NOT for worker bees who are content to manually plug in numbers all day. It isn’t for people who prefer spending 80 hours a week chained to their desk. It isn’t for people who have no interest in becoming more efficient at their job.

You're a motivated
and learner…

A professional who deals with data, systems, or reports…

Someone that wants to discover how to save time and become more effective…

Then Elevate Excel is for you, regardless of your specific job title or field.


Get the most out of your Elevate Excel
experience with these Awesome Bonuses

For a limited time, when you join Elevate Excel, you’ll also get access to several bonuses that will help you learn and implement even faster.

Are you investing in Elevate Excel out of your own pocket, but feel like your employer could potentially reimburse you?

I'll give you my plug-n-play email templates and walk you through some of the strongest cases you can make to your manager to get reimbursed for this training. And I also show you what NOT to do.

$490 Value

$2,175+ Value

This bonus bundle gives you access to all of our in-depth courses on Pivot Tables, Formulas, Power Query, Power BI, and Macros & VBA.  It's a massive (searchable) resource library of step-by-step video tutorials and example files that will help you with any project.

Become invaluable with Elevate Excel

Transform into an Excel Hero. Become an essential team member who gets results quickly. Gain unbeatable job security and upward mobility. All it takes is building up from your current Excel knowledge, piece by piece.

  • A custom learning road map to help you increase your proficiency in topics like data preparation and analysis, conditional formatting, pivot tables, Power Query, and so much more.
  • Detailed, step-by-step trainings that enable you to close your Excel skills gap. Guided by videos and handouts, you’ll get results, fast.
  • Regular case studies and Q&A sessions, with recordings available when you can’t make it to the live online events, so you can see how to use your new Excel skills in real world scenarios.
  • Answers to all of your questions, plus a chance to network with your fellow Excel students in the community forum.
  • Proof of your proficiency with a certificate of completion you can print for your office and share on your LinkedIn profile.

Become an Elevate Excel Member Today

The total value of the Elevate Excel Annual Membership is over $4,800, but you can join today for just...


then $49/month for 11 months




  • 5 Levels of Core Training
  • Initial Assessment & Road map
  • Certificates of Completion
  • Before & After Excel Practice Files
  • Community Forum + Case Studies
  • Deep Learning Courses ($2,000+ value)
  • Reimbursement Scripts ($490+ value)
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Pay for the full year and save $98




  • 5 Levels of Core Training
  • Initial Assessment & Road map
  • Certificates of Completion
  • Before & After Excel Practice Files
  • Community Forum + Case Studies
  • Deep Learning Courses ($2,000+ value)
  • Reimbursement Scripts ($490+ value)
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

You can also enroll your entire team with our Team Packages.
Please submit an inquiry here if you are interested in a larger package.

I thought I knew everything about this subject, but Jon has illustrated some very powerful ways to enhance my world! Since joining this morning, I’ve already made several changes to my standing reports, to the amazement of our senior management.

Ken Hackett

Senior Distribution Manager

100% Satisfaction-Guarantee.

Elevate Excel is designed to help you take your understanding of Excel (and your career) to new heights. Through the step-by-step trainings and other resources, you’ll learn at a pace and level that’s right for you.

If you join Elevate Excel and aren’t satisfied with the experience, you can cancel your membership and get a full refund within the first 30 days of joining.  We want you to love this program and most importantly, get amazing results.

Your questions answered so you can feel great about your investment.

I'm already overworked -- how is adding one more thing going to help?

Elevate Excel is designed to help you stop feeling so overworked. We meet you where you are and give you a roadmap that allows for quick, tangible progress. With every new skill you learn, you’ll save time and energy. And as long as you’re in the program, you’ll have access to the resource hu

How is this different from a course? How long will it take for me to learn everything?

Through the road map, you’ll find yourself on a custom trajectory. This is not a traditional course; instead, it’s a membership community.

Excel is being updated frequently now, and we will continually update the program with new training to make sure your skill set matches employers' demands.

How can I justify this investment of company time and resources to my boss?

The potential benefits of Elevate Excel don’t end with your restored sanity. When you become a faster, more efficient worker, you’ll help your team make better decisions, which leads to overall growth for your company.  Plus, our Reimbursement Scripts bonus will help you get reimbursed for your investment in the program.

Do I need to have the approval of my employer to enroll?

Absolutely not! In some situations it may make sense to seek reimbursement. If that’s not the case for you, you can still benefit from the program, since deepening your Excel competency can increase your job security, improve your career options, and give you a clear path for advancement.

What happens if I'm not satisfied with the program?

If you are unsatisfied with your purchase for any reason, contact us within 30 days of purchase to get a full refund. I want you to be fully satisfied, learn a ton, and produce amazing results!

What if I have questions about the topics? How much access to you do I get to the program?

The materials within Elevate Excel are all designed to be self-guided, so you never get hung up waiting on anyone. That said, there is a community forum where you can post your questions. There is also a comments section on every lesson page where you can ask questions.  We do our best to make sure you feel supported.

Can Elevate Excel truly help me?

Do you use Excel? If the answer is yes, then Elevate Excel can make your job easier — no matter what your industry or field.

Why the Annual Membership?

When you join today you get 12 months of access to everything mentioned above.  The program is meant to help you drastically improve your Excel skills quickly.  Our goal is to provide you with all the Excel training you need in this one program.

Since Excel is constantly changing now with new features, Elevate Excel will also continually be updated with new training.  You also get access to the Community Forum where you can get your questions answers.

The annual membership allows us to provide you with continual support and updates so that you can save time, produce amazing results, and become the Excel Hero at your workplace.

You will be able to renew your membership in the future and keep access to all the bonuses as well.

I was very hesitant about joining because I knew so little but always wanted to learn. Thank you so much for taking the time to explain this in simple terms, making it easy to understand. You are a great teacher!

Cheryl W.

Elevate Excel Member

Come Join Us on the Journey to Master Excel

Over $297 in monthly value, plus bonuses worth over $2,600 —yours for just $49/mo. for 12 months.

Or get 2 months free (save $98) with the Annual Plan.