Free Video Training on Macros & VBA

Learn how to write Macros to Automate Excel

and actually understand how the VBA code works!

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In this 3-part video training series you will learn:

  • Video #1: Writing Your First Macro & The Excel Object Model Explained
  • Video #2: Automating Common Excel Tasks - The Summary Report
  • Video #3: Introduction to Userforms and VBA Applications

If you are new to macros or struggle with understanding the code, then this video series is for you. You will learn the basic principles of the VBA coding language, and start writing your own macros.

Hi, my name is Jon and I am here to help you learn Excel & VBA.  My goal is to help you improve your Excel skills to save you time with your job and advance in your career.  Sound like fun?  Press the big green button above to join thousands of others that are on their way to learning macros & VBA.

Jon Acampora Microsoft MVP