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Understanding Pivot Tables

Join me for this free training, and learn how to use Pivot Tables to create interactive reports and save tons of time with your job.

  • What exactly is a pivot table?
  •  How do pivot tables work?  
  •  What does each area of the pivot table do? 
  •  What is the correct layout and format for the source data?
  •  Why should I learn pivot tables and how will they benefit me?

  • Learn Functions and Formulas

    Lookup Formulas Free Training Videos Optin Icon 258x260

    Learn the most important functions & formulas in Excel.

    • Video #1: The 5 Essentials to Getting Started with VLOOKUP
    • Video #2: How to Prevent & Handle Lookup Formula Errors
    • Video #3: How to Use INDEX & MATCH Instead of VLOOKUP, and Why?

    This video series is packed with time saving tips and techniques that will help you master these formulas, and impress your boss.

    Macros and VBA Training Series

    Learn how to write Macros to Automate Excel and actually understand how the VBA code works!

    • Video #1: Writing Your First Macro & The Excel Object Model Explained
    • Video #2: Automating Common Excel Tasks - The Summary Report
    • Video #3: Introduction to Userforms and VBA Applications

    If you are new to macros or struggle with understanding the code, then this video series is for you. You will learn the basic principles of the VBA coding language, and start writing your own macros.