The Elevate Excel Referral Program

Earn $50 for every Sign Up!

Why Refer Your Friends to Elevate?

Every day, members of our Elevate Excel Training Program tell us how much time they are saving by learning new Excel skills.

They also express that they are happier at their job and excited about the new challenges and opportunities coming their way. This is all part of the journey to becoming an Excel Hero.

Use Excel more efficiently and confidently, no matter your experience level.

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One thing we also hear from our members is that they wish their co-workers were learning these new skills. As we work in collaborative environments where we rely on others, it becomes very beneficial for your team members to work more efficiently with Excel too.

This will not only help you get your job done faster, but it also makes it easier for others to use and understand your files. This frees you up to work on bigger projects and advance your career.

I like to call it a win-win!

Our goal here at Excel Campus is to help as many people as possible experience this same transformation that you are experiencing. So we created this referral program as a way to express our gratitude for your support in helping achieve both your mission and ours. 

It's a win-win-win! 

How the Referral Program Works

When your friends join Elevate based on your referral, we'll pay you a referral bonus of $50 per person.

It's that simple. The more people you refer, the more you earn.

The referral program is applicable to all of our Elevate Offers, including our Team Packages.

So if you want to refer your organization and they enroll 20 people, you will earn $50 per person, or $1,000.

How Do You Know I Made the Referral?

When your referrals complete the checkout page for Elevate, they will be prompted to input the name of the person that referred them, that's you. We will then send you an email notifying you of the referral.

If they forget to input your name you can still get the referral bonus.  Just send us an email after they signup with their name or email address. ([email protected]) We will then associate the referral to your account.

How Do I Get Paid?

We will send your payment(s) 30 days after your referrals enroll in the program. This allows for the 30-day refund period to pass. If your referral requests a refund within the 30-day refund policy window, then you will not receive a referral payment.

Payments will be made via PayPal. Other payout options may be available if you are in the U.S.

How Do I Make the Referral?

Referrals work best through word-of-mouth and direct contact.

Think about a great restaurant that a friend has referred you to. Did they tell you about their experience? Maybe how delicious a specific menu item is, or how the staff was so friendly...

When referring your friends or organization to the Elevate Excel Program, it's great to share some of the wins you've experienced as a result of the program.

Maybe you've automated a process with Power Query, learned about pivot tables and charts that your boss loves, or found a few new keyboard shortcuts and techniques that are saving you time every day.

Whatever it is, consider sharing some of this transformation story with a potential referral through email or by chatting with them.

You can then include one of the links below to the program, depending on who you are referring.

Here's an example of an email script you can use to tell your boss about the program.

Hi {Boss's Name},

I want to tell you about an Excel training program that I'm currently enrolled in. It's called Elevate Excel, and it has really helped me improve my skills.

{Give a specific example here. Specifics on the results are helpful. Here is an example.}

For example, I've learned how to use a tool called Power Query to automate the data cleanup process for our weekly expense reports. This has saved me about four hours per week and will allow me to focus more time on the new dashboard project you want to complete in Q3.

Overall, I'm learning many different ways to work more efficiently in Excel.

I think this program would be beneficial for some of our team members. I know they struggle with some aspects of Excel, which can make some of our routine processes time-consuming and a bit boring. I believe they could also save time with their work and even enjoy work more.

Here is a link to a page where you can learn more about the program. They have options to enroll multiple people at discounted rates.

Elevate Excel Training Program Enrollment Page for Teams

Let me know if you have any questions.


Feel free to copy that email script and modify it for your needs.

Links to Resources & Enrollment Pages

Here are the links you can send to your potential referrals.

Enrollment Page for Individuals

This is the main enrollment page for the Elevate Excel Training Program for individuals.  You can send this to any friends or co-workers that will purchasing the program for themselves.

They will also get our reimbursement scripts as a bonus, to help them get reimbursed for the program by their employer.

Enrollment Page for Teams

This is the enrollment page for teams and organizations that want to enroll multiple members.  You can sent this page to your boss or purchasing agent within your organization.

The team packages include discounted rates for multiple members at $299 per person.  This is a $70+ savings over the regular price.  We also have the ability to provide progress reports to team managers.  

Your boss or purchasing agent can book a call with us to discuss the program further.  There is a link on the page above for that as well.

Free Excel Blueprint Webinar

If your friends or colleagues are new to Excel Campus, a great way to get to know us is through our free Excel Blueprint Training Webinar.

During the webinar they will learn about the modern tools in Excel (Power Query, Power Pivot, Power BI) and how they fit in with existing tools (pivot tables, formulas, macros & VBA) to help improve workflows and automate processes.  

The webinar is a precursor to the Elevate Excel Training Program, and we explain more about Elevate at the end of the webinar.  

It's a great way to introduce your friends to our teaching style and methodolgies.

Here is the link where they can enroll in the free webinar.

We're Here to Help

We want the referral process to be as easy as possible for you.  Please let us know if you have any questions or suggestions.  You can contact us directly at [email protected].

Thank you!

Jon Acampora
Excel Campus
Microsoft Excel MVP