Learn how to re-size the plot area of a chart to prevent the axis titles and labels from overlapping.

This post and video answers a question on how to resize the plot area of a chart to prevent the axis titles and labels from overlapping.  If you can't read the titles or labels this tip will help cleanup your chart to make it more presentable.

Excel Chart Titles Overlap Axis Labels

Video – How to Resize the Plot Area

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The Chart Area and Plot Area Are the Same Size

Sometimes the plot area can fill up the entire chart area.  This makes it difficult to distinguish the difference between the two areas of the chart.

Chart Area and Plot Area Diagram

The plot area also resizes with the chart area.  So if you select the outside border of the chart and resize it, the plot area will also resize proportionally.

In the case of Tony's chart in the video, he was having trouble seeing the axis titles and labels because the plot area was too large.  Therefore, the plot area needs to be smaller than the chart area to fit the axis labels, and titles outside the chart.

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